1. GBose said:

    Honorable? How is what Raman doing honorable or because of love? He is betraying Ishita in so many ways and what is totally dumbfounding is that Raman himself was betrayed by love! If what he is doing is “love”, then what is hatred, disrespect, insult? Raman doesn’t love Ishita, or else he would respect her. BTW – how does some else carrying her child make Ishita happy, become a mother? If she is to be a mother biologically, shouldn’t Raman want her to experience motherhood from the getgo? As in becoming pregnant, going through what pregnancy does and finally give birth? How does a fertilized egg in someone else’s body make that Ishita’s child? Is motherhood simply about biology?

  2. Reena said:

    Its not at all right. He s doing it to overcome his guilt. Instead if understanding Ishita’s condition he s making it difficult for her by getting close to Shagun. And on the contrary he expects her to not overreact. If this is love I m sorry no lady wl want dis kind of love. Surrogacy track ws good bt not with Shagun as the surrogate mother. It s really very difficult for us as viewers to digest. As an ardent fan of YHM I really feel sorry for the pathetic track gng on r8 now. Raman has turned frm a hero to a big time loser..

  3. Tanvi said:

    He is the perfect example of male chauvinism . how he behaves with everyone wen he is angry..
    he.even doesnt.hesitate to say his wife – ” tum jao..tumhara ghar ni h ye..tumhare se shaadi krna sabse bdi glti thi..tum sab kuch glt hi krti Ho ” ( he says dis wen rinki accuses mihika fr being in love with mihir evn aftr deir Marge).

    he loves his wife..but don’t u think today a women also needs respect and importance in her husband’s.life.

    no women should tolerate such a person who in anger can say anything to his wife.. or hide anything!

    m sry if I said anything wrong..but dese r my views!

  4. piya said:

    Your comment…
    This is just ridiculous…raman kumar bhalla has always hurt his wife.sometimes with words and sometimes with action.the worse part is he never realizes his mistakes..and the worst part is ishita forgives her husband too easily…what nonsense is this surrogacy track?that too without telling ishita?and moreover making raman’s ex wife the surrogate mother of raman’s present wife’s baby?
    ishita was very clear that she considers adi and ruhi as her own child and doesn’t need her biological child to be a mother…ishita became mother when she married raman for ruhi’s sake and won her custody…now this raman kumar bhalla is really acting crazy and this track is unbearable…left watching the show long time ago..and i don’t think the show will ever be the same realistic beautiful show as it used to be…