From Queen to Servant; Nandini’s re-entry into Magadh indicative of a prosperous future *Promo Analysis*

“Kabhi Rani ban kar pravesh kiya tha maine
Magadh ke vinaash ke liye
Aaj Dasi ban kar phir pravesh kar rahi hoon main
Magadh Samrajya ki bhavishya ke liye”

These are the lines from Chandra Nandini’s latest on air promo which shows the entry of Maghad’s former Mukhya Maharani (Chief Queen) Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) back into her Kingdom and into the thick of things.

Being Ekta Kapoor’s biggest project till date, every promo of Chandra Nandini aired so far has been visually stunning and this one is no less. The promo starts off at the Magadh Palace where Magadh Naresh – Samrat Chandragupta Maurya (Rajat Tokas) is being welcomed back after his trip to Kalinga. Flower petals are praises are being showered on the King and the baby prince Bindusara (Technically even on the queen of Magadh); who is seen entering the royal assembly alongside his father, cradled in Nandini’s arms who has been reduced to the status of a servant. The frame then shifts to Chandra greeting the assembly as Nandini acknowledges the turn of events, and then looks at the baby who is happily playing in her arms.

The promo ends with Chandra seated on his throne; Nandini who is carrying Bindusara standing close by his throne, Chanakya and Helena standing at the foot of the steps leading to the throne as the voice over says “Ek romanchak mod par aa khadi hai, ChandraNandini ki Prem Kahani”


Nandini who was banished from the kingdom is back, only this time she is not the Queen of Magadh but her role is that of a servant or rather Bindusara’s nanny. Since his birth Bindusara has been restless; partly because of the poison he ingested when in Dhurdhara’s (Saanvi Talwar) womb and partly because he never got the love or warmth of a mother that every baby needs. So far only one person has been able to bring actual relief to the otherwise restless baby – Nandini, and this has left Chandra with no other option but to bring Nandini back to Magadh albeit as a servant.

Just before the promo ends we see Nandini look at Bindusara who is happily playing in her arms. There is a familiar look of determination on her face, one that says that she will do everything in her power to protect the baby and fulfill her promise to Dhurdhara. Like the promo’s BG narration reminds us this is quite identical to the determination she once had when she vowed to destroy Chandragupta and his kingdom. But we all know how that ended. Love conquered all. Yes, it wasn’t strong enough to ward off the evils that were lurking outside; but nevertheless the hatred that ruled over Chandra and Nandini’s emotions when it came to the other was vanquished.

So does this mean this time around too Nandini’s determination will bite the dust? From the looks of the promo – NO, because this time around it is not just any love, it is the love of a mother for her child which is strong enough to ward of any evil, even Helena and her mother. Nandini may be entering Magadh as a dasi, aaya or any number of things but we all know what place she holds in Bindusara life, who she is to the baby and who gave her that position and rights.

There is a popular saying which goes ‘Evil begets evil’. It stems from an ancient conceptual principle which we all know as ‘karma’; where what we send into the world is believed to come back to us. According to spiritual studies when someone conspires to do mean and spiteful things to hurt another, they kick start a karmic cycle that slowly begins to tarnish the divine beauty of their soul. After Nandini became the queen of Magadh she had only one purpose – the destruction of Chandra and the Mauryan Dynasty. Even though circumstances did change, Nandini still ended up bearing the brunt of her thoughts and actions regardless of how they stemmed; as she was held accountable for a crime she did not even commit.

This time however Nandini’s thoughts are positive, her resolve is strong and she wants nothing but a bright future for Magadh which if translated based on the visuals in the promo pertains to the good health and prosperity of Bindusara. It’s a very symbolic promo because when the narrator says “Magadh Samrajya ki bhavishya ke liye”; Nandini is seen looking at Bindusara who is indeed the future of Magadh.


Something that caught my eye while watching the promo was how it was Nandini who walked alongside Chandra in the beginning of the promo as well as stood beside his throne when the promo ended. The makers could have shown Helena walking in with Chandra and Nandini following the duo, or Helena standing by Chandra side considering that she is the Chief Queen of the Kingdom, but she was no where in the immediate vicinity. She stood below with Chanakya and that shot was symbolic of her true place in Chandra’s life. I agree Helena is the Chandra’s first wife and presently Magadh’s chief queen, but their marriage has always been guided by politics. Right from the beginning Helena’s role in Chandra’s life has been that of a mentor, a guide who could help him fulfill his destiny just like his guru and chief minister Chanakya.

Nandini may not hold the same position in Chandra’s life that she once did (thanks to all the misunderstandings), yet the promo clearly places her next to Chandra, even if her role was that of attending the assembly with the royal heir; symbolizing that their fate has been sealed and they are destined to be together.

The show sure seems to have taken an interesting new turn and one to look forward to. Nandini never got a fair chance to prove her innocence because every evidence unearthed during the time of Dhurdhara’s death painted her as the killer and lead to her being banished. Now that she is back the game is definitely going to change. Today the truth remains hidden but not for long because at the end of the day – TRUTH ALWAYS PREVAILS.

Author: Vijitha Rajan