The promo of Tejaswi Prakash’s comeback show ‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’ is outrageously intriguing; but the theme is NOT new on Indian Telly *Promo Review*

Yeah I just used outrageous and intriguing in the same sentence because that is exactly what the promo makes you feel. The adjective outrageous is not used to attack the promo; rather it is used for the lack of a more fitting adjective for Sony Entertainment Television’s upcoming show ‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’ which takes you by surprise.

Produced by Shashi Sumeet Mital Productions Pvt. Ltd., ‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’, comes across as a very unusual story. These days every new show is promoted using the words ‘unusual’, ‘different’ and it’s various other synonyms. But this show truly fits the bill.

The first promo titled “Karwachauth Promo” is out, and one look at it will leave you wondering what the story is all about?


With an opulent Rajasthani backdrop and an air of royalty engulfing it; the promo opens with the shot of a full moon, slowly making its way from behind the clouds into the clear. The frame is enhanced further by the magnificently lit haveli’s, and that rich-soothing Rajasthani folk music slowly gaining momentum in the background. The frame shifts and we see several women dressed in their finest walking, with what looks like the ‘karwachauth’ thaal (plate) in their hands. We are then given several vague glimpses of the female protagonist also present in the crowd. By now the full moon has dominated the night sky, thereby paving way for the women to look at it through their channi (sieve). The camera zooms in and we are introduced to the female protagonist of the show, who along with the other women turns to look at their respective husbands/fiancés through the channi.

Though vibrant in color, culture and visuals; till this point the promo does not offer anything that one hasn’t already seen before. However, it is the next shot that completely changes the game. With the background narration that goes “Prathaaon ne ye kaisa rishta buna hai, Ek toote taare ke liye, Chaand chuna hai”; we see the female protagonist bend at her waist level and look at her husband though the channi who turns out to be a young boy of merely 9-10 years of age. The young boy then breaks his wife’s fast by making her drink water as per the karwachauth ritual.


Though a clear case of child marriage which is affirmed by the disclaimer used in the promo which states that the show does not endorse ‘Baal Vivaah’ aka child marriage in anyway; this is not another Balika Vadhu in the making. One thing that can be perceived through the promo is that it is a tradition of some kind that has tied the duo in this unconventional bond of matrimony.

The karwachauth fast is observed by the wife for the long life, good health, prosperity and safety of her husband. Using this widely followed ritual as the premises for the first ever promo was a brilliant move because symbolically it gives more significance the word ‘Pehredaar’ (translated – guardian) in the title; along with a strong foundation to the theme, where the wife in this scenario is the guardian/protector of her husband who happens to be a young boy.

The lovely Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar who gained immense popularity for her portrayal of Ragini in Colors Swaragini makes a comeback on screen with this project, and will be seen essaying the role of Diya a modern day royal Princess. Child actor Afaan Khan will essay the role of Prince Ratan Harshvardhan Singh, Diya’s husband in the show. Diya’s life takes an unexpected turn when she is asked to marry a 9-year-old Ratan, under unusual circumstances. Through the marriage Diya not only becomes Ratan’s wife but also the protector of his life, wealth and dignity until he becomes old enough to take care of himself.


Though I’d very much like to say that the theme of Pehredaar Piya Ki is unique (Older girl married to a much younger boy due to age old traditions); this is not the first time Indian Television has seen something on these lines. Star Plus show Gulaal produced by Sphere Origins saw the female protagonist of the show – Gulaal marry her 12 year old brother-in-law Kesar through a tradition known as ‘deeyarvattu’ in order to protect him. Though concept wise both the shows are different, theme wise they look quite similar, as they both have an older girl marry a young boy in order to protect him. But at the end of the day it all boils down to how masterfully can you tell a story be it old, new, unique or ordinary. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what circumstances led to the marriage between Diya and Ratan and how their story will evolve over time. Why did Diya give her consent to marry a young child and become his protector?

The show is currently been shot in the beautiful locations of Udaipur, Rajasthan. Though a love story; Pehredaar Piya Ki will not see the usual boy-girl romance, instead the relationship between Ratan and Diya will be based on mutual respect and affection. The show in its later stages will see a grown-up actor playing the character of Ratan and the search for the same is still on.

The first on air promo of Pehredaar Piya Ki has definitely hit the bull’s eye, and raised the expectations of the audience by doing so. One can only hope that with a theme and concept such as this, it does not get too regressive which is what happens almost always when dealing with such subjects. But, since the show is helmed by the Mittals, the creative geniuses behind ‘Diya aur Baati Hum’ (Star Plus) – one of the most popular and successful prime time shows in recent times, Pehredaar Piya Ki already feels like a welcome change and one that is much needed on Indian Telly.

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Author: Vijitha Rajan