Promo Review: &TV’s rom-com drama Chupke Chupke is breezy and fun

Contract marriage drama is not a new concept on Indian Telly. But this one surely seems to add a new twist to the very concept which so far have been one dimensional.

We have seen the guy forcing the girl to enter into a contract marriage with him by taking advantage of her helplessness (Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon) or the a guy and girl getting into marriage for a certain period so that both can benefit from the same (Satrangi Sasural); however, &TV’s upcoming show Chupke Chupke produced by Indian Magic Eye Productions is weaving a completely different story around the concept of CONTRACT MARRIAGES.

Starring Mohit Malhotra who was last seen in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja and Prithvi Hatte of Siya Ke Ram fame; the first promo highlights the duo discussing some clauses in what looks like a contract for a marriage of convenience. “Husband-wife ne kya socha hai, Iss shaadi mein toh koi locha hai”- The tagline of the show itself gives out a very light and fun vibe. It highlights that the marriage in question or rather the husband-wife duo being referred to, are quite different; and that the circumstances under which they have signed a marriage agreement seems unusual.

According to the first promo lead protagonists of the show Mohit Malhotra and Prithvi Hatte are seated in a posh restaurant where they seem to be engrossed in some serious discussion. Meera (Prithvi Hatte) initiates the conversation where she informs Mohit’s character that they will go home together after work hours, but weekend parties will be a personal affair. The guy agrees to the condition put forward by the girl but reminds her that the morning tea routine for Dadi is a non-negotiable clause. They duo come to an agreement, seal the deal or rather ‘Secret Deal’ and it is then we realize that the couple in question are possibly married or going to be and what they seem to be discussing is a marriage contract with the Do’s and Don’t.

The second promo takes it up a notch. We have Meera in her bridal avatar being taken up to her room. En route she is given a glass of milk but instead of accepting the same like a newlywed bride does she asks for another glass of the same. Her request elicits giggles from the ladies around her but nevertheless she manages to get another glass on milk. Once in her room, Meera sits down with her laptop and starts typing which is when hubby dearest joins her. He goes straight to the glass of milk and is about to drink when the duo realize that they are not alone but have company outside trying to listen to the newlyweds. The duo engage in some romantic first night talks for their audience after which Meera asks what if someone is outside their door. This causes everyone to run away leaving the newlyweds in the blissful company of each other.In the room the couple is quite happy with the show they put up and walk towards their respective bed/couch. The promo ends with the duo enjoying their glasses of milk with biscuits and the tagline “Husband-wife ne kya socha hai, Iss shaadi mein toh koi locha hai” reprising again.

What is interesting about both promos aired so far is that there is no heavy duty drama associated with the ‘Contract Marriage’ concept unlike in the previous shows. What you see is a couple, more than comfortable with the idea of signing a marriage agreement or respecting each others conditions or engaging in some romantic talks for their family members and handling the same rather maturely. It piques your interest as to what is the reason for this marriage deal and how are both parties absolutely cool with it?

One look at the promos aired so far and you will throw the age old belief ‘Marriages are made in Heaven’ right outside the window. But the bigger question is will these clauses, the contract where the to be husband and wife has everything chalked out for a marriage they wish to go their way remain the same aka just a marriage of convenience or will it turn into a marriage truly made in heaven? Mohit and Prithvi sell the concept of ‘marriage of convenience’ in both promos effortlessly and gets you curious about the whole deal and the story/idea behind it.

It also presents a new set of questions. Will the couple stick to the agreement. Drawing an agreement, signing it, being OK with it and actually following through are different things. How will the duo ensure that there are no clashes in the future? What if one of them fail to follow a certain clause ? As far as the promos go they have surely managed to leave a lasting impression and also leave one intrigued as to what this ‘LOCHA’ is? But will the show actually manage to bring forth something interesting? Only time will tell.

Author: Vijtha Rajan