Pretty Little Liar : Mona rules yet again; Sparia looses the plot.

In comparison to the last two weeks, this week ABC’s crime-thriller Pretty Little Liar was a little less uneventful and not exactly edgy as one would expect it to be, considering this is the final season and that the show is all set to bid adieu.

This week fans witnessed Spencer locking horns with Detective Fury again (What is it with Spencer and the cops?), Aria’s continuous betrayal (not even going to bother this one with an explanation), Detective Fury investigating the water pipe burst at The Radley, return of Ashley Marin which paved way for Caleb proposing Hannah in Ashley’s presence, a heart to heart between Spencer and her birth mother Mary Drake, more skeletons popping out of Peter Hastings closet (*rolls eyes*) and last but not the least Mona once again helping the Liars even though they don’t deserve it one bit for the way they keep treating her.

From the moment Mona entered the room shocking the liars except Hannah who had requested Mona’s presence – SHE OWNED THE EPISODE!!! She took matters into her hands, expressed her lack of faith in the Liars solving the puzzle, was a total badass about it and even managed to make a headway -something the liars haven’t been able to do ever since AD sent them the game.

A rundown of everything Mona does this week comprises of her finding the doctor who did the procedure that got Alison pregnant by IVF using Emily’s egg and some random guy’s sperm, visiting said doctor with Emily by posing as a couple trying to get pregnant, stealing a copy of the magazine ‘Fertility Now’ from the clinic that had the doctor’s home address, and once she gets what she wants from the doctor’s personal mails; she threatens to strip him of his medical license for what he did to Alison if he does not give the details that she is looking for. And Voila!!! It works. The fear of his medical license getting cancelled forces the doctor to give up some electronic number (the only detail available so far) that belonged to the person who bankrolled the procedure. When the episode reaches its climax we get a glimpse not only into Mona’s room but also her brilliant brain which is working diligently to find out who AD is. The camera pans to show us one of the wall’s containing timelines, pictures, a replica of the game and details of all the facts she is privy to so far both from the Liars and otherwise. We also see the shovel(s) that was used to bury Rollins aka Archer Dunhill, the very one Hannah was looking for earlier in the episode stacked in the corner of the room.

For the untrained eye it may look like she is the game master, but for the others the scene is simply a reminder of how regardless of joining the party late, Mona is one step closer to cracking the mechanism of AD’s sick mind, she knows more than all the Liars combined and is one step closer in finding AD. Mona has always been loyal to Hannah and the missing shovel stacked in a corner of her room, rather than at the forensic lab in Rosewood PD is a testimony to the same. She is protecting Hannah and by extension the Liars, though they have done nothing to earn it.

Aside from Mona’s scenes the one scene which stood out in the whole episode was Aria’s dream. I still don’t support Aria in whatever she is doing or claiming to do (There is simply no betraying friends) but the whole “Ezra is only one document away from going to prison” was kinda tackled heads on this week and it was revealed that Aria had actually filled a report/form against Ezra so that he is arrested for having abused his power as a teacher and being in a physical relationship with a student even after knowing the truth. Apparently Aria had filled the form when she found out the truth about Ezra but since the ‘LOVE’ was true she never had the heart to file the report which unfortunately for her, Ezra and the liars ended up with AD. In Aria’s dream which was a musical sequence we see Aria dressed as a bride (partial bride) and Ezra in chains- losely indicating that this is what is in store for her if she does not do AD’s bidding. We also have Mrs. Hastings calling her a “selfish little bitch” which is exactly what Aria has been ever since AD hooked his/her claws into Aria. It also begs the question as to why she couldn’t let her friends know about AD’s blackmail, since it has been already established that unlike Charlotte, this psychopath is a little short on the technical-IT luxuries which is why he/she needed eyes (Aria) on the inside. And since the liars pretty much knows what Ezra’s reality did to Aria, why would hiding some report she filled in the heat of the moment.

Over the episode was just OK, not something that we expect at this juncture of the show but then with only 3 episodes left until the series finale I am hoping that PLL will deliver what it promised. There are a lot of questions that needs answering but until then ‘Wait and watch’ is the mantra.

Author: Vijitha Rajan