The power of love – Jhanvi brings Aditya back from the clutches of death.

We have heard about the ‘Power of Love’ … stories such as that of Satyavan and Savirtri where the latter brought her husband back from the clutches of death with her love and determination. Zee TV’s Woh Apna Sa recreated the story in a much more modern setting with Jhanvi bringing Aditya back from the grave (Literally).

Thanks to Kaku Saa, Aditya experienced a near death incident where the latter was made unconscious, taken to the hospital’s mortuary, declared dead due to the influence of money and power; and buried alive in a Christian cemetery. Jhanvi who sensed that Aditya was in some kind of trouble retraces his path for the day, manages to find him and brings him back to life.

The way Jhanvi has stood by Aditya time and again even when he pushed her away, the way she loved him without expecting anything in return, the way she selflessly did everything for Aditya, his kids and even his family is commendable and makes you wish for a life-partner like her. Jhanvi started showing the characteristics of a true life-partner even before becoming Aditya’s wife and perhaps that is the reason you root for her happily ever after story.

Kaku Saa didn’t kill Aditya but he ensured that Aditya would die eventually. Being buried alive things would have happened the way Kaku Saa wanted but fate had other plans. Aditya is indeed very lucky to have found someone like Jhanvi who is ready to go to any extent for the man she loves, even if it means fighting with death itself.

With Nisha and Aditya starting a brand new chapter of their life one wonders what new troubles await the duo. What could possibly be bigger than ‘Death’ itself?

Author: Vijitha Rajan