Pooja takes a new step to change Naren in Piya Albela.

Zee TV’s popular show Piya Albela produced by Rajshri Productions saw Pooja (Sheen Dass) making efforts to bring about a change in Naren (Akshay Mhatre), so that he would fulfill his responsibility as a son during these testing times. \

Pooja will be seen trying to convince Naren to join the family business so that he can fight for his family. She makes him see that the business that was set up by his father with dedication and hardwork is now in the hands of the evil duo Rahul and Neelima and that Naren shouldn’t let that happen. However Naren refuses to do so because he does not want to get attached to any such worldly things

But Pooja does not give up easily and to make Naren understand the severity of the situation takes up the job as Neelima’s servant. Seeing Pooja in such a state Naren realizes that he too has a part to play in this fight between right and wrong.

Will Pooja be able to convince Naren that he has certain responsibilities towards his family… his parents?

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