Pooja to get arrested for murder in Piya Albela

Zee TV’s show Piya Albela produced by Rajshri Productions is gearing up for some legal drama.

Pooja (Sheen Dass) who has been doing everything in her power to get the Vyas Family united, Naren (Akshaye Mhatre) safe and Mr. Kapoor (Khalid Siddiqui) shadows away from her life will be seen arrested for the murder of Mr. Kapoor.

As seen Mr. Kapoor’s obsession with Pooja makes him take extreme measures to get rid of Naren from the latter’s life. Taking advantage of Narens poor health conditions Mr. Kapoor decides to kill Naren at the hospital and exchanges the medicine bottle with a poison bottle.

However Pooja learns about this and exchanges the bottles again. However she does not stop there and switches the same poison bottle with Mr. Kapoor’s medicines thereby allegedly killing him. She even finds the recordings and other proofs Mr. Kapoor had collected against Naren and destroys it.

Though Dadaji (Kanwarjit Paintal) offers to take the blame of the murder upon himself; Pooja refuses to allow him to do so as she believes Dadaji is needed in the family to keep them united.

The police arrests Pooja and takes her away. At the same time Naren makes a miraculous recovery and wakes up startled calling Pooja’s name

How will Naren react on knowing Pooja’s arrest ?