POLL: Has ShivIka’s popularity surpassed that of the previous 4 Lions Jodi on Star Plus aka ArShi???

The staggering support, craze and love we witnessed for Star Plus show Ishqbaaz’ couple Shivaay and Anika aka ShivIka essayed by the duo Nakul Mehta and Surbhi Chandana in our previous poll and online in general is why we came up with this poll.

Because we had to know ……

Star Plus has given given Indian Television several memorable on-screen couples, each with a fan following that is bewildering to say the least. But, there are couple who are not just memorable but Iconic. One such couple was given by none other than 4 Lions Productions who has in recent times given us ShiVika. Yes, you guessed it right Arnav and Khushi aka ArShi essayed by Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani.

The Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon couple is nothing less what one calls as Iconic and will remain an Evergreen Jodi in the History of Indian Television. But 4 Lions new couple – ShivIka is fast becoming the favorite of the audience and we couldn’t help but wonder if their popularity has surpassed that of ArShi…..

Well what do you think?

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Let us know what you think?


  1. jana said:

    Nope…They can never surpass ArShi.!!!!Arshı-This is a living masterpiece!!!!we want our sarun!!!!

  2. Nelli said:

    Nope…They can never surpass ArShi.!!!!Arshı-This is a living masterpiece!!!!we want our sarun!!!!

  3. Sharmin nahar sumi said:

    They can never surpass ArShi ❤❤no one can bit ArShi ?? ArShi is the epic,iconic couple forever ❤❤❤❤

  4. Farida said:

    Arshi is lovely, sweet, magical international couple.
    Arshi is the fame all over the wold and never compared with anyone!

  5. Eva romilda said:

    The best couple in the worlds is ARSHI forever ,bring back sanaya and barun

  6. Vera diana said:

    Arshi is best couple n no one can surpass them.
    Please bring back sanaya irani with barun sobti in ipkknd3 as arshi

  7. Yully nur ainni said:

    Nope!, nothing can replace arshi, they are the best jodi of all time,
    And ipkknd is only suitable for arshi, not replaced with others, and none can replace sanaya for barun
    Only sanaya and barun!!!

  8. Novita Hikmawati said:

    ARSHI is forever !!! Never changed!
    Please bring back Sanaya Irani in IPKKND 3
    Mrs. Gul khan, why you not like Sanaya?
    She is very beautiful and very kind. . .

  9. ayu said:

    Nope … they can never surpass Arshi? Arshi or Sarun best couple n best jodi ever . chemistry is perfect . i hope really together again . can you bring back Barun n Sanaya again in IPKKND 3 . thank you

  10. Saefih Kurniasih said:

    Arshi as always be the best jodi, no one can replace them. Please bring back sanaya and barun to ipkknd 3!!!

  11. Sevda Yıldız said:

    Arshi is unbeatable and to br more clear its sarun Sanaya irani and barun sobti lpkknd season

  12. laiqa said:

    Nope…They can never surpass ArShi.!!!!Arshı-This is a living masterpiece!!!!we want our sarun!!!!

  13. Jigyansa Subudhiray said:

    No jodi can beat arshi…pls bring arshi together in IPKKND season 3

  14. mireille said:


  15. Briti Sengupta said:

    “No, never… Stop Day Dreaming. Always stated and still stating comparing ArShi aka Arnav and Khushi is like comparing Kohinoor Diamond with Glass… ”
    – Briti Sengupta

  16. Ishara said:

    There is no comparison. Arshi’s chemistry was mindblowing. There is no contest. Shivika does not have that spark. Arshi were so comfortable with each other that just there facial expressions and body language was enough. the dialogue was just an added bonus. I do love RIKARA though. Wish writers explored their characters. They have so much to offer.

  17. Prashanth said:

    Shivika is the best than any other Jodi. They are kidkithod no one can match them, the chemistry with each other, love, sacrifice, support is mind blowing. And that to there hotness is UFFF. 😍😘❤🌹

  18. Shivika said:

    I dont think so
    before ipkknd i dont believe in romance becuz of arnav and khushi shows the world “what is the feeling of romance”.
    remeber barun expressing his dialogs mix with eng-hindi whch brings him far away better than any other actor, not even in bollywood has much talented as barun moreover arshi just facial expression makes u fall in love.
    no such talent u get in other show

  19. Nakuul said:

    I think one day everyone in the world will have to watch ipkknd because its popularity is always increasing and increasing that the haters will forced to check it out and joining arshi world.