Piya Albela *REVIEW* Unspoken words and unexpressed feelings.

” Some things were left undone
Some words were left unsaid
And some feelings left unexpressed ”

Pooja has fallen in love with Naren, but will Harish and Supriya’s solution to bring about a change in their highly spiritual son be accepted as a prospective life-partner?

While there is time for the whole family drama angle to kick in; the million dollar question is will Pooja be able to confess her feelings with the entry of Surbhi? Tonight’s episode saw the entry of Ritu Chauhan who will essay the role of Surbhi – the daughter of Harish’s friend Yash’s daughter and Naren’s to be fiancée. Harish has fixed Naren’s alliance with Surbhi after witnessing the change in Naren all thanks to Pooja. Interestingly Naren is unaware of his dad’s plan and welcomes Surbhi who is also Naren’s long time friend with the same old warmth.

What was interesting about the episode was Pooja’s reaction to Naren and Surbhi’s interaction. Pooja has spent some considerable amount of time with Naren, and therefore was shown to be surprised to see a rather laid back and talkative facet of Naren with the entry of Surbhi, something she has never seen. Pooja may have told Supriya that nobody introduced her to Surbhi when the latter asks if Pooja like Surbhi but what she does not see or for that matter what neither Naren nor Pooja sees is the planning that is happening right under their noses- of getting Naren and Surbhi engaged to be married.

Being the father of a girl one can understand why Yash wants to talk to Naren about marrying Surbhi. But what he does not know or see is that Harish does not want Naren to know about his plan as he is unsure of Naren’s reaction. Now that Harish has gotten Naren or should I say the son he always wished for, he does not wish to mess it up but Harish Babu isn’t your plan to ge Naren and Surbhi married by keeping your son in the dark a recipe for disaster? One can only imagine what Naren’s reaction would be when the truth comes out. But then will such a plan make Naren realize that he is incomplete without Pooja? Usually when it comes to our prime time Indian shows the entry of a new character or the third angle in a love-story helps either character of both to realize their feelings. Pooja acknowledges the fact that she has fallen in love with Naren, but a guy like Naren who has been living the spiritual life and still has traces of the same in his life sometime needs a nudge. Kya patha maybe Surbhi is the one who would make he realize his true feelings?

The best sequence of tonight’s episode was the ‘Maye Ne Maye’ song sequence. It was not only the perfect choice to showcase Pooja’s love, but the song in a way reflected Pooja and Naren’s relationship, especially the lines ….

“Chand ki tarah chamak rahi thi uss jogi ki kaaya
Mere dware aakar usne, pyaar ka alakh jagaaya
Apne tan pe bhasm rama ke, sari rain wo jaaga
Jogan ho gayi teri dulaari, mann jogi sang laaga”


Naren’s innocence, his kind heart and the fact that he is not like others she has come across is what made Pooja fall in love with the young lad. In a way what Pooja feels for Naren is not simply love but a devotion of sorts, and the way she places the diya (lamp) next to his feet; an act that is synonymous in the Hindu religion to where diya(s) are lit before the almighty lord, symbolizes the same.

Pooja has placed Naren on a high pedestal, and now even though he is unaware of it Naren is all set to break Pooja’s heart. Words will be left unsaid and feelings will be left unexpressed, but those who are meant to be will always find a way back to each other.

Author: Vijitha Rajan