Piya Abela: Naren humiliates Pooja but, falls in his own eyes.

“Chupana bhi nahin aata…Jatana bhi nahin aata
Humein tumse mohabbat hai…batana bhi nahi aata”

No other song could have fitted Naren Babu (Akshay Mhatre) better than the ones above for the current predicament he is in. There is no doubt that Naren is still very much in love with dear wife Pooja (Sheen Dass). It runs deeper than he wishes to acknowledge but, the man is hurting real bad, and so is doing everything in his power than to accept what he truly feels which is love.

Last week ended on a dramatic note with Naren throwing a pair of ghungroos towards Pooja’s feet asking her to entertain his guests. Wanting to prove her love for Nare; Pooja decides to take up the ‘TEST’ Naren has put forth.

This week will start off by Pooja setting the ‘mehfil’ of her hisband’s bachelor’s party ablaze with her dance moves and entertaining his guests. A more desi-style bachelor’s party the setting will remind one of the kotha’s and mujra style entertainment as Pooja will be seen dancing on hit numbers like ‘Deewani Mastani’ and ‘Beedi Jalaile’.

While Naren thought insulting Pooja would make him happy, he will be miserable to see his wife dancing before a group of men and things spiral out out of control when the dori of Pooja’s costume comes loose, and few men starts to get physical with her. A furious Naren will be seen hitting the men who tried to misbehave with Pooja. He will rush to her side and cover her with a shawl but the tears in her eyes and the humiliation she experienced will break Naren.

Naren falls in his own eyes for putting Pooja through such humiliation, and even more when she doesn’t accuse him of anything. Instead she reminds him that she won the test and that nothing matters to her than winning back his love.

How will Naren atone for his ways; especially since he knows he has crossed a line, and that Pooja’s uncle is set to take her away from the Vyas Family especially after this particular incident.

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