Ishqbaaz: Pinky’s insecurity to brew trouble for ShiviKa

Times are going to get tougher for all ShiviKa fans out there as Star Plus show Ishqbaaz is gearing up for some major drama which will bring turbulence in the lives of the show’s lead couple Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Anika (Surbhi Chandna).

Even after Anika took a bullet for Shivaay and saved him, the latter’s mother Pinky (Nitika Anand Mukherjee) was shown to express a very different kind of emotion. Yes, she was grateful that Anika saved her son, but when Shivaay was trying to take care of Anika, Pinky was seen getting upset that her son did not pay attention to her alleged fever and was more focused on Anika’s health.

Well hello!!! Didn’t the woman just save your son? Doesn’t she deserve to be taken care of, after getting shot? But every show needs drama from time to time or at least that is the belief. And so insecurity will take a better hold of Pinky and she will not be able to see Shivaay paying so much attention to Anika and taking care of her.

So how will Pinky ignite the fire of trouble amidst Shivaay and Anika? If sources are to be believed Pinky will use Anika’s background, her lack of proper lineage as her Ram-baan to distance the couple.

Will Shivaay once again start chanting his old mantra about khoon and khandaan? Will Pinky succeed in planting doubts in Shivaay mind regarding his marriage to Anika?

After everything they have been through, on realizing that lineage and status is not how one finds his/her perfect life partner if Shivaay does allow such a trivial matter come between them then we can’t help but wonder what the fate of ShiviKa’s relationship would be.

Only time will tell if the duo will weather this storm successfully or if they will fail.

Stay Tuned!!!