*PHOTO GALLERY* Holi Celebration On The Sets Of Firangi Bahu

Sahara One is hosting Holi special sequences for two of its popular shows, Firangi Bahu and Aakhir Bahu Bhi To Beti Hee Hai.

In Firangi Bahu, the Desai family decides not to celebrate Holi due to Camili’s death. However, Sheetal (Pranay’s childhood friend) wants to see Pranay and the entire family smile. She secretly mixes Bhang in Pranay’s thandai. However, accidentally the glasses get mixed up and Ranjan ends up drinking the Bhaang. The entire family is shocked to see Ranjan behaving completely out of her character – mimicking the family members, poking them and having a great time playing Holi.

The episode will be telecast on Monday, March 17 at 10pm on Sahara One.

Source: Sahara One
Reporter: Sonali Naik

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