*Paricharcha* Star superstition – ‘To believe or not to believe!’

Amitabh Bachchan wears a blue sapphire for luck and Aamir Khan believes that December is very lucky for him while Ranveer Singh wears a black thread around his ankle to ward off the evil eye! Every one of us believes in bad luck or the evil eye and interestingly so do our stars despite having everything on a platter! Here’s a look at what they do for best results…

Amitabh Bachchan
I am not superstitious but sometimes when something keeps reoccurring you feel it’s not superstition but real. Like if your right eye twitches and something bad happens again and again you start believing that is superstition. Like I am a huge cricket fan and used to watch live matches, but whenever I would watch a match live India would lose! After that I started watching the repeat telecast and strangely India would win. This happened several times so I started watching repeat telecast. Then there was a time when I was passing through a bad phase in my life and I was asked to wear a blue sapphire and when I did it proved to be very lucky. So now I always wear it.

Aamir Khan
I feel there are very few people in the world who do not believe in some kind of superstition or the other. In India as children we were always told things like if a black cat crosses your path it means bad luck, if an owl takes your name you will die etc. And we start following such superstitions since our grandmothers and mothers believed in them. But if I were to talk about luck I believe December is very lucky for me. Any work I do in this month, whether it’s my films or otherwise it is successful. That is why I release my films in December and they have always done well. I know the film is successful because of my hard work but I still believe in the luck factor.

Ranveer Singh
Every mother is worried about her child getting into trouble or difficult situations. It happened with me when I was small. My mother used to be very worried about my welfare and used to put a ‘kala tika’ (black bindi) to protect me from the evil eye. Then when I joined the industry and had these accidents on the sets and dengue she started tying a black thread on me. After that at the behest of her guru she tied a black thread on my ankle to ward off evil eye and sickness. Since it’s her love for me I don’t oppose anything she wants to do for my welfare.

Salman Khan
When a person is in trouble, invariably he turns to all kind of superstitions and beliefs. When I was in legal trouble my family used to go to temples, dargahs and astrologers and pray that I don’t get convicted. That is why I feel I am safe today. The truth is whatever my family followed I never opposed it, because in their actions was their love and obeisance. Whether it worked or not I can’t say, but I respected their wishes and followed whatever they asked me to do. But one thing I believe in is that if I release my film on Eid it does well. This Eid Tubelight may have not done well but I still feel that Eid is very lucky for me. Besides I wear the blue bracelet I took from my dad. Whenever I go for any important work I make sure I wear that bracelet.

Katrina Kaif
Ever since I have come to India and started working in films I have reverence for the Ajmer Sharif Dargah. Whenever I have gone to the Dargah and paid obeisance my wish has been fulfilled. So before the release of any of my films I go to Ajmer Sharif and read the namaz and pray that if my wish is fulfilled I will come back and put a chaadar (blanket) and do sajda (worship). I consider the Dargah very lucky for me.

Deepika Padukone
I am not really superstitious as I feel the more we believe in superstitions the more we get drawn into it and become weak mentally. I don’t go to astrologers and all that but I have great faith and belief in God. Like I always go to Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai before the release of my film. I believe I have Ganpati Bappa’s blessings and that’s why he fulfills my desires and has made me so successful. I believe that Bappa will never disappoint me.

By – Arti Saxena