‘One should not over dress when going on a date’ Saif Ali Khan

This and more is what the cool and candid Saif Ali Khan has to share in his most revealing conversation

Saif, can you share anything that has happened in your life that you never ever thought or dreamed about?
Saif Ali Khan: You want to know the truth? I never dreamed of anything that is in my life today. Kareena my wife, my son Taimur, everything was unexpected. That’s why I believe that whatever happens is for the best. The result is there for you to see!

When you look back what do you miss?
SAK: Frankly I don’t believe in looking back. No point in remembering something which has happened in the past. If it’s something good you will miss and mull over it and if it’s something not good you will feel bad. One should only look ahead.

When you look at Taimur do you think about your childhood?
SAK: Taimur is very cute and his antics even cuter! When I look at him all my stress goes away and his smile adds to my life. He’s such a lovely baby!

What is it that you remember about your childhood?
SAK: I remember taking off my dad’s spectacles and putting them on. When I stepped into my adolescence , I was about 15 years I used to steal my dad’s cigarettes and smoke!

Did you dress up when you went for your first date?
SAK: I don’t think one should over dress because then the other person can sense that it’s your first date. That’s why I prefer to dress up casually whether it’s a first date, tenth date, and even otherwise!

Is there anything that you never leave the house without?
SAK: My sunglasses! I always wear them when I leave the house because not only do they make me look like a film star they also protect the eyes. It’s something I love wearing and even have a good collection.

What is your favourite colour?
SAK: My favourite colour is blue. I keep buying blue clothes and have several T shirts and jeans in blue.

How do you manage to stay away from controversies?
SAK: I don’t speak much and when I do I think before I say anything.

Are you happy with where you stand in the industry today?
SAK: When I came into the industry in 1993 and saw the reactions of the people around I thought I would not even last for a day! The fact that I am still here today after 23 years means I know something about my craft.

What tips do you give your children to be successful in films?
SAK: I tell them that whatever they do they should put their heart into it, do it with full honesty and to believe in themselves. If you believe in yourself then people will also believe in you and you will be successful.

Till now what have you lost in life, and what have you gained?
SAK: I lost my beautiful childhood and my youth which was full of fun! But life has also given me a lot, love from my near and dear ones and also from people I don’t even know, success, money, fame. And the best thing I made a place for myself in the film industry!

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena