Omkara shocked to hear Gauri address him as brother in Ishqbaaz.

Star Plus Ishqbaaz is all set to give Omkara (Kunal JaiSingh) a huge jolt!!!

Well we say bring it on because Omkara deserves everything coming his way for treating Gauri (Shrenu Parikh) like trash.

The current track has Omkara trying to win over Gauri’s trust and love by fooling her by donning the role of a Punjabi Munda. Gauri is stressed after her friend’s to be mother-in-law keeps certain demands that is nothing less than a dowry.

Gauri decides to work hard to earn money for the same and Omkara will be seen helping her achieve this feat. However, Gauri warns Omkara unaware of the fact that he is in fact her husband that he shouldn’t take any wrong meaning of their interactions as she is married and she only loves her husband. Omkara will be happy to hear this but what we wonder is whether or not he regrets his actions.

Om will be seen praising Gauri for being a loyal and loving wife. However Gauri gives Om the shock of his life by telling him aka to the Sardar that he is just like a brother for her, which shocks Om. Om tells Gauri not to say such things but is helpless to tell her the reason behind it.

While it is still shocking as to how Gauri can’t recognize Om, we are sure that viewers will be thrilled to see the new developments in the show.

Stay Tuned!!!