OMG!!! Rangeela to bury Shivaani alive….. Ruse or Real?

Rangeela (Param Singh) has decided that Shivaani (Niti Taylor) who hit his God, his Malik has no right to live. But will his decision remain the same?

Life OK’s drama Ghulaam is all set to see some high voltage drama with Rangeela digging a pit to bury Shivaani alive for harming his Malik – Veer (Vikas Manaktala). Shivaani will cry and plead to Rangeela but it would not have any impact on the man who is plain furious at her attempt.

However, Shivaani manages to hit a chord when she questions Rangeela what he would do if his mother was in her place and somebody had tried to harm her. Would he bury her alive too? This gets Rangeela’s attention and he realizes that Shivaani is not wrong.

Knowing very well that Veer would kill Shivaani on leaving the hospital, Rangeela decides to do the honors himself. So what does Rangeela do?

Well if sources are to be believed Rangeela would kill Shivaani following which preparations to burn the dead body will take place. Shiaavni will be dressed up as a bride and her pyre will be set, but will her body be burned?

Well NO, all this will be a ruse to distract everyone when the true motive will be to save Shivaani from being killed or harmed by Veer or the rest of the Chaudhary’s

Interesting isn’t it. Stay tuned for more updates.