‘I did not speak to my husband for three months during the making of Mom’ -Sridevi

There is no expiry date for actors. Acting is a privileged profession where an actor can always get back into action any time. Take Sridevi, former superstar who made a comeback with English Vinglish after a gap of 15 years, five years ago, and now Mom. Over to Sridevi who is very excited about her upcoming film and throws light on her character, her prep for the film, her daughter Jhanvi and more

1.There must be something very intriguing about Mom, after all it’s a film you gave your nod to after five years!

I loved the script of Mom. In fact I became extremely emotional after I heard it. It affected me a lot and I instantly made up my mind to do the film.

2.Comparisons are being made with Maatr which had Raveena Tandon playing a mom out to revenge her daughter’s rape and murder, and your film. Please comment.

There can be no comparisons between the two films as the stories are very different. Maatr and Mom are two entirely different films.

3.What’s your character in Mom like?

I cannot talk much about my character in Mom as that would tell the story of the film. All I can say is that it’s very different. Something along the lines of Mother India and one which will touch hearts. My character has several shades which take the story forward. There are so many twists in the story throughout which will engage the audience till the very end.

4.Ravi Udyawar, the film’s director is a debutant. How was he to work with?

Ravi Udyawar is a very positive and hardworking director. He worked a lot to develop my character. I was very impressed when he narrated the script of Mom. Since I am a director’s actor I followed his directions to the T. I tried to play the character just as he had envisioned.

5.Did you do any special prep before you started shooting for the film?

Yes I worked really hard! In fact I stopped talking to my husband for a good three months so as to get under the skin of the character. My only interaction with him would be to say good morning and good night! I stopped being Sridevi and became my character during the shooting of the film and only concentrated on my work.

6.You have been part of the industry for several years. How do you select a film?

My first criteria is that that the story should be dynamic and then my role attractive. The team should be good so that I can focus on my work. I am a very private person and don’t mingle easily so the team and the people around should be known to me.

7.You are known as a glamorous actress which people still remember in Chandni, Mr India and Chaalbaaz. But now you have settled for non-glamorous roles.

At this age I would not feel comfortable playing glamorous roles. I would prefer to play meaningful characters like I did in English Vinglish, and now the one I am doing in Mom.

8.Nawazuddin Siddiqui is one of the most talented actors around. How was it working with him?

Nawazuddin is not only talented but also down to earth and hardworking. He is always calm and composed and you don’t even come to know that he is on the sets! Once I asked for him as I couldn’t see him and someone pointed out that he was sitting there. His character in the film required him three to four hours of make-up but one never saw him getting restless or hyper.

9.You are working on a film after five years. How was the experience?

The team of Mom was very hardworking and talented whether it was Ravi, Nawazuddin or Akshaye Khanna. Actually I felt I was new. But slowly I mingled with everyone.

10.You have dubbed the film in four languages. What was the experience like?

Yes, besides Hindi I have dubbed the film in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. I went into different cities to dub. It was good fun.

11.Your daughter Jhanvi is set to make their debut in the film industry. What tips would you give her?

It wouldn’t be right to comment on Jhanvi’s debut right now. Anyways she is fully independent and does not need any tips from me and is capable of taking her own decisions. Whenever she signs a film there will be an announcement.

12.Your husband Boney Kapoor has said that Mr India 2 is in the offing. Will you be a part of it?

Yes the film is in the offing but I cannot comment on it. Whether I am in the film or not only time will tell.

13.You have been part of the industry for 50 years. Would you like your biography to be written?

No I don’t have any interest in my biography. As of now I feel that I have just come into the industry and Mom is my first film! I have done 300 films but there is that special role I have not done, so I am really not interested in a biography.

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena