‘I am not a politician to be politically correct always’ – Kangana Ranaut

Non conformist, bold and beautiful is how one would describe Kangana Ranaut! As her film Simran nears release, the actress who has been in the news recently for her startling and revealing statements on Hrithik Roshan explains her stance

Q) It is said that you are talking about your former relationships with Hrithik Roshan, Aditya Pancholi during promotions of your upcoming film, Simran, the film for more publicity

After reaching this juncture in my career and winning accolades and awards for my performances I do not need to resort to this kind of publicity. The film will come and go, but what about my dignity? There is nothing more crucial than a woman’s dignity. Till we remain helpless, women organizations will come to our aid, but get tough and it’s blasphemous. That’s why I never shy away from saying what I feel is right, whether my film is about to release or not.

Q) But many people from the industry are saying all this rant is intentional, with some going to the extent of calling you mad. What do you have to say about that?

It really doesn’t bother me what people say about me. If some people are against me, there are others who are with me. The biggest thing is that I have got the full support of the media. To me respect is more important than success.

Q) Should you not raise your voice if someone points a finger at your character and calls you mad and irresponsible?

I don’t have to explain myself to anyone. But there are people who care for me, and write things about me on social media which get me emotional, so I have to retaliate for them. I don’t care for people who change with time.

Q) Don’t you feel after giving these statements about other actors you will find it difficult to survive in the industry as people will be hesitant to work with you?

I started my career at 17 with a lot of dreams and desires, and which has been fulfilled to an extent. If after reaching this stage I have to be scared of people, what’s the point? If I have to be scared of what will happen to my career if I say the truth and fight against injustice, what’s the point of this freedom? If tomorrow I don’t get any work I will move to my beautiful home in Manali. And if I am destined to work in the industry then no one can move me from here. But I refuse to live in fear!

Q) How different is your role in Simran?

Simran does everything which a normal girl does not do. Simran gambles, steals and lives a fiercely independent life and has the guts to speak the truth. The film is based on Praful Patel a divorcee who lived in New York. How complicated her life is, you will watch in the film!

Q) Do you relate to the character of Simran in any way?

I am a lot like Simran. Like her I am free spirited, like to live life on my own terms, don’t depend on anyone for anything, but I am not a divorcee and neither do I steal.

Q) You were to get married on two occasions but neither worked out. Do you feel it was the wrong selection?

When we get into a relationship we don’t think about how long it will last, or what the destination of the relationship will be as we are so much in love. We should change our thinking that if there is a breakup or divorce the girl is to blame. If a girl is not married it is said she is not successful even if she is a high profile professional! If she’s divorced then also they say she is not successful. People should get rid of these thoughts.

Q) Are you getting the industry’s support after all the interviews?

Yes, I am getting the industry’s support. Some say I was not politically correct but others appreciated me. I am not a politician that I have to be politically correct.

Q) Were you anxious when your last film Rangoon was to release?

Yes I was very keen that my film is a hit because people had expectations from me and it made me anxious. But the film flopped and after that there was nothing to fear!

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena