‘I am not Kat’s mentor’ – Salman Khan *Birthday Special*

Just before his birthday on December 27, Salman Khan gets candid on Katrina Kaif, his birthday plans and more..

Q) Salman once again your fans are very excited about your birthday which falls on December 27. What are your plans this year?
SK: Like every year this year also I will celebrate my birthday with my family and close friends. Actually I may not even be in Mumbai this birthday, but I cannot say anything as nothing is decided.

Q) Do you remember any birthday on which you received the most memorable gift?
SK: Yes, last year my close friends and my family members had made a one hour special video in which each had wished me for my birthday in his own unique way. Like Ranveer Singh danced and wished me! In fact everyone from Sanjay Dutt, Anil Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan, my dad (Salim Khan) and all my costars who had worked with me, wished me in their own imitable style. This was the most interesting and memorable gift I have received!

Q) Heard that your Being Human brand will be giving special discounts on your birthday?
SK: True! There will a 51 percent discount on Being Human clothing on my birthday and after that from December 28 to January 23 a 12 percent discount.

Q) What new will we see in your upcoming release Tiger Zinda Hai and how different will it be from the original?
SK: The making of Tiger Zinda Hai is distinctive. Though the theme is very desi the action and thrill are along the lines of a Hollywood movie. The story revolves around saving nurses from terrorists. Tankers, horses and the army has been shown in the film in a manner never before. Now we are waiting for the audience reaction.

Q) Your costar in the film is Katrina Kaif who was going through a bad phase personally and professionally before she signed the film. Was it intentional on your part to help her forward her career?
SK: (Looking away) I am not Kat’s mentor. In fact no one is anyone’s mentor. Every person makes a place for himself. Katrina has worked very hard to make a place for herself in Bollywood. She has also worked very hard for Tiger Zinda Hai, done a lot of physical training to play her character perfectly.

Q) You are also doing Race 3. What is it about the film which excited you?
SK:I am very excited about Race 3. It’s different from the previous two in which I didn’t like because of the fact there was animosity between the brothers because of money. That has changed, and then Anil Kapoor and Bobby Deol are also in the film with who I am good friends. I am looking forward to the film.

Q) Is it true that your popularity adversely affected your bad phase!
SK: Sometime being very popular can be detrimental and this was evident when my case was going on. Initially when my lawyer was not a known face people would say Salman is so rich why has he hired this lawyer, and when I hired a top lawyer it was said he has all the money that’s why he can afford to hire this lawyer. But I thank God and all my fans who prayed for me that I was freed. The lesson I learnt was that God will show you the way, you just do what you have to.

Q) Several actors have joined politics. Are you interested in politics?
SK: I am keen to serve the people but am not interested in politics. It’s not my cup of tea and I will never become a politician. I love acting and would like to remain an actor.

Q) You are a talented painter. How did you develop this art?
SK: My mother is a great painter and has made beautiful paintings. I have inherited this talent from her. When she used to paint I used to sit with her and sketch. The urge to paint was triggered when I was doing up my house and I went to buy painting and discovered they cost lakhs! So I decided to learn the basics from JJ School of Art and soon started making my own paintings.

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena