‘I am not entirely satisfied with my career’ – Emraan Hashmi

He may be known as the serial kisser but in real life Emraan Hashmi is a calm and composed guy who would love to play more unconventional characters. But like he says, the audience does not want to see him play a ‘decent’ guy but a rebel with attitude! And he has to comply! The actor shares his thoughts on his career and more

‘On screen I have to present myself the way the audience wants to sees me. If I don’t do that I will have to say goodbye to the film industry. Having said that it is my constant endeavor to do different, and off beat roles. I may not be a super hit actor but then neither am I a super flop! I work a lot on all my characters. In my last film Baadshaho which was set in the 70s, the stunts were difficult and so was the tone of my character but I worked hard to make it authentic and the way my director Milan Luthria had envisioned.’

‘In my film career I have worked with Ajay Devgn in three films. However I had been his fan ever since I was in college. His film Zakhm had a deep impact on me. I don’t cry easily but I was in tears while watching the film. When I got a chance to work in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai I saw his style of working and understood why he is such a good actor. After working with him in Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji and now Baadshaho I realized that Ajay does not believe in discussions but only his craft, an actor who just likes to give his shots. We both believe that getting into character is of utmost importance and that is why we get along so well. We both are cool-headed and don’t talk much, but when it comes to work we are both very focused.’

‘I know that my last few films like Raaz Rebot and Hamari Adhuri Kahani have not fared well but that has not dampened my enthusiasm for my work. All I know is that I should continue working, keep trying and never give up. If you stop working because of the fear of failure you can never move ahead in any field. To captivate the audience I always try to change my look in every film so that the audience sees me in a new avatar. In Baadshaho I had this stubble and worked on my body. It’s true but I have hardly played a respectable man in my films in my 14 years as an actor because I have realized that the audience does not want to see me playing a ‘decent’ guy’. They like me playing a rebel and a character with attitude.’

‘The tag ‘serial kisser’ however has not deterred any actress from working with me. I try to make all my leading ladies as comfortable as possible as I don’t want them to feel uneasy. No leading lady from Mallika Sherawat to Esha Gupta has complains about me misbehaving and are happy to work with me. I have done several films with Kangana Ranaut and had a good experience working with her. She is a good performer and I enjoy working with good actors. I like working with people I know and am not comfortable working with people I don’t know. That’s why I make it a point to know who my co-star is when I sign a film.’ ’

‘Talking about the changed scenario in Hindi cinema it’s interesting that today there is no line between off-beat and commercial cinema. A film is either good or bad and I am happy that people appreciate good cinema. Good subjects are in demand not only for Hindi but regional cinema as well. There’s more focus on the story than stars. I am turning a producer with a film called Captain Nawab. Somehow I was not happy with the script, which is being reworked on. Work should start in a month or two once the script is locked. I am not completely satisfied with my career but neither am I disappointed. I know that I will slowly make a place for myself.

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena