With Nisha, Riddhi Dogra Makes ‘The Comeback’ Worth the Wait!

After three long years, Riddhi Dogra makes her full-fledged comeback on the small screen in style. Her new role as Nisha Aditya Jindal in ‘Who Apna Sa’ is already grabbing major eyeballs.After playing the “always righteous” roles on TV in huge shows like Maryada and Savitri, it was a surprise to see her don the hat of the villain and play a baddy in this one. But one look at her new avatar on the show and you understand how this was a perfect as well as a great choice. If you have had the opportunity to catch all the episodes of the new show on Zee you would know exactly what I am talking about. If you don’t see the obvious reasons already, this list should help you out. Here’s why we think Riddhi Dogra hit the bull’s eye with this very intriguing character on the new show:

The Complexity:

Nisha is a fascinating character. She has multiple character traits. When you are first introduced to her, you can’t really make out what is going on in that mind of hers. Is she really an out and out villain or is there something else going on with her. That is the best part of playing a character with shades of grey, the suspense of it all. Villains usually have more depth to their characters than the hero/heroines of the show. Nisha plays the entire family and the world with her dedicated house wife pretense while the selfish power-thirsty complicated woman comes out in full form only when she finds herself alone in her husband’s presence. Talk about being intense.

The Glamour:

Nisha isn’t the typical loud villain that you usually see on Indian TV. Being a good actor and naturally gorgeous obviously helps but honestly, we can all agree that Nisha is definitely the most nuanced as well as the most stylish character on the show. What’s better than a villain that gives you the chills? A sinister yet effortlessly stylish onethat makes being evil look oh-so-glamorous. Admit it, there is just something so dangerously alluring to watch a diabolically evil character who is also extremely good-looking, dominate a scene with that slight turn of their head, a sneer or their evil smirk. The combination is extremely lethal and Nisha shows us exactly how.

The Freedom:

When you are the good guy, you are conformed to a set of rules. He/she has to behave in a particular way, an exemplar way, something that the majority of the audience considers as being “heroic”. The Villain however exists in order to challenge these very norms. He/she gets to explore a lot of options, emotions & angles. They are never one dimensional. Nisha can be a doting mother or jealous wife in one scene and a manipulative evil psychopath who doesn’t hesitate to put her sister-in-law’s life at stake for a party. You honestly cannot predict how she would react in the next scene or situation because she really is capable of doing anything.

The Power:

Villains are the people that drive the plot. They are usually the ones with all the diabolical plans and the motivation to succeed at all costs.They get the ball rolling, they act and the heroes react. They are the key to the entire story. There is no fun without them. They are usually more passionate, confident and very clear about what they want and the means required to get them. They are also usually the most intelligent of the lot. They are extremely self-aware while they also understand everyone around them. Using their flaws to their advantage. Nisha is the perfect example of this kind. She knows what she wants and understands how everything and everyone around her work which is how she is able to control not just her family but also her husband, by playing totheir weaknesses.
She gets to dress cool, gets the coolest lines, gets to make diabolical plans, also has the license to go completely crazy or out of control and she enjoys every bit of it. There is not one boring moment when it comes to her. Do you really need any more reasons for wanting to play a particular character? Yeah, we don’t think so either.

Geetha Reddy