DRAMA!!! Neil lashes out on his Family in Star Plus Naamkarann.

Earlier today we updated our fans about Avni (Aditi Rathore) leaving Neil (Zain Imam) after the latter dashes out of his own wedding in Star Plus show Naamkarann. Neil was left with just a letter from Avni which mentioned that she was taking a step back.

While Avni’s action leaves Neil heart-broken; the family will soon learn that Avni is in Goa. They will then pressurize Neil to go and search for Avni in Goa. However it does not stop here and the family also blames Neil for Avni leaving which leaves him shocked. His family points out that his interest in Juhi (Poonam Preet) is what led to the current situation and also reprimands him on his lack of enthusiasm in getting his wife back.

Avni leaving and the family’s accusation causes Neil to spiral out of control and he lashes out on his family for creating unnecessary drama as he is already in a lot of pain as Avni has left their home.

What will Neil do next? Will he look for Avni or will Avni come back of her own volition ?