Neil and Juhi come face to face in Star Plus Naamkarann.

Star Plus show Naamkarann last saw Ali (Gautam Vig) getting kidnapped after previously being framed for Riya’s (Nalini Negi) kidnap.

Now in the upcoming episodes of the show viewers will get to see Juhi (Poonam Preet) informing Avni (Aditi Rathore) that Ali is alive and in Gurumaa’s (Manini Mishra) captivity. She asks Avni to meet her at the Dargah. Both Avni and Neil reach the Dargah where Juhi will get to see Neil. Juhi gets to know that Neil is Avni’s husband and will be in a state of shock which will force her to run away.

If sources are to be believed Neil too spots Juhi and runs after her. Neil will also be in a state of disbelief and uncertainty whether the person he has seen is Juhi or not. Neil will follows Juhi, while Avni follows Neil.

So will Neil meet Juhi? If sources are to be believed Juhi will succeed in staying hidden from Neil. But until when? One day their paths are sure to cross. What will happen then?

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