‘Maybe God wanted that I have a child through surrogacy’ – Tusshar Kapoor

Tusshar Kapoor who opted to become a dad through surrogacy reveals why he decided to opt for it, being a single dad and more

Father dear Father
‘Ever since one- year- old Laksshya came into my life I changed my lifestyle to be the perfect dad! I dote on him and try to be around him all the time. If a shooting gets delayed I get restless to see him and for outdoor shoots I just take him along like I did for Golmaal Again to Hyderabad! It’s true children bind you! When shooting, his innocent face haunts me and I feel so restless because he is not around. Why only me, the entire household including my parents and sister Ekta are always concerned about Laksshya. The whole atmosphere at home has changed. Where once, each person was involved doing his own thing, now the common focus is Laksshya! It’s unbelievable that Ekta who is a workaholic drops her work and rushes home to play with Laksshya! He is also very friendly with her and gets very excited when he spots her. In fact it’s she who named him Laksshya. My parents on the other hand are already started worrying about his education, which school he should go to etc.!’

Why surrogacy?
‘Marriage was not working out but since I love children I wanted to be a father. Once I met filmmaker Prakash Jha in Tirupati. During our conversation I told him my desire to become a father and he told me I could become one through surrogacy. The thought stayed with me and I finally met a doctor who explained the whole procedure. I went for it and wow I became a bachelor father! I wanted to have a love marriage and was in search of true love but couldn’t find it even as I touched 40. That’s when I decided to become a father through surrogacy. Maybe that’s what God wanted.’

The best gift
‘The success of Golmaal Again has further lightened my life. Why only me, all my co- actors are thrilled with the success of Golmaal Again. The ‘ghost theme’ really worked! I have worked in all the series and am very attached to it and it’s success was a great Diwali gift. The shooting of the film was a picnic and on the last day of the shoot everyone was so dejected. For me the film was doubly fun because it was for the first time that I uttered some dialogues after playing a mute who only said ‘oye’ in the former series. I saw the audience reaction to this when I went to the theaters and saw them clapping and cheering when I spoke.’

Hard work pays
‘I have worked hard to reach where I have today. I may not be a very successful actor but neither am I a flop. I stated my career with Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai about 16 years ago which did well. Still people were doubtful whether I would have the same long innings like my dad Jeetendra did. But I worked hard to prove myself it paid off. I have given hits and some flops and some moderate success. So I think I am doing fine where my career is concerned. In fact filmmakers have written some special characters for me like Rohit Shetty has in Golmaal Again. Today my aim is to make a unique place for myself in the film industry

By: Arti Saxena