Mannat – Episode 1 – Review

So, Its time to get a taste of fairy tales mixed with the bitter realities of life. Mannat is the drama that provides touch of both. Written by Kishore Asmal, and directed by Amin Iqbal, this production of Babar Javed seems promising. The first episode reminded me of world classic tale of sleeping beauty with all the references to curse and all.

Anyways, the Drama starts with the night view of a Haveli with a woman’s voice in the background, she seems to be cursing the people living in the Haveli as she says *You all will die, just like you killed my husband* In the next scene, we are taken into the Haveli where a woman is praying and asking for forgiveness from Allah for all her sins, in another room a man named Adnan is lying sick and his wife Sania is crying, he seems seriously ill.

Mannat (Rabab Hashmi) is an orphan girl living with her drunkard uncle. She teaches in a school and is practically the bread winner of the family. She financially supports her uncle. Uncle is selfish and mean when he is drunk but is bearable when he is in his senses, that’s a rare case though. In one of his drunken tantrums, he taunts Mannat that she is just like her mother who is responsible for his brother and Mannat’s father’s death. Mannat, even though she is a mature, practical career woman, still has a heart of innocent girl who dreams of a prince charming coming to take her away from the harsh realities of life and hopes that her dreams come true. She is interested in a guy Sikandar who is also her neighbor. Sikandar’s mother Nigar is a kind woman who treats Mannat as her own daughter.
Sania calls someone named Dilnawaz and cries while talking about her husband’s condition, she asks him if her husband’s illness is because of the curse on the family. A crazy looking mysterious woman is shown, she is the one cursing the Haveli family, her name is Mehru (Iffat Umar), not much detail is given about her character but its obvious her character is one of the most important characters of the drama, this character reminded me of my most favorite negative characters of all time Maleficent from sleeping beauty, Im really looking forward to Iffat Umar’s version of scary cursing witch, who actually has her own scars which no one cares to see. Meera Maan is Sania’s mother in law and she is the woman who was asking for forgiveness for her sins in the first episode. Sania’s husband get a little better and Meera Maan prays for their happiness and wishes for them to have a baby soon, Adnan is not much hopeful though about his life, he believes he is gonna die because of Mehru’s curse.
Most touching scene of the first episode is the last scene where Mannat’s uncle is sober and both uncle and niece are having an emotional talk, uncle apologizes for his behavior and assures Mannat that he will do whatever he can to make her happy because she is his only blood relation in the world. But I don’t think we can trust her Uncle yet. At night Mannat wakes up because of a dream where she sees someone on white horse. Yes, its probably her prince charming she secretly has been waiting for all her life, whoever it is, we will have to wait for the next episode to find out.

Personally I found first episode average, its neither good nor bad, but this drama was recommended by many people so Im not giving up after just first episode, lets wait and see what happens when our male lead enters the scene since I doubt Sikandar is the main lead, gonna wait for the real male lead’s entry and see where the story heads.

Rida Khan