A Magazine “The AvNeil Gazette” Dedicated to Naamkaran Team from Fans

Actors shoot for very long hours for their shows because they want to deliver the best content to the viewers who are watching them. It is not easy to work for so many hours yet deliver the best. However, they go through various of hardships to make it possible. In return, the best a viewer can give to the show, cast, and crew is appreciation and acknowledgement. Therefore, the fans of Naamkarann thought that we should do something special for the cast and crew of the show. We decided to came up with an online magazine dedicated to the show and its characters named “The AvNeil Gazette”. This magazine is a very small innovation from the viewers of the show to the fantastic people who work in the show. The name of the magazine is AvNeil Gazette but this magazine is dedicated to the whole team of the show. Namkarann is probably the best show on television right now because of the way all the characters are written and executed by the team, the fabulous chemistry between the lead couple, and tight screenplay and direction of the show. The whole team from actors to spot boys have worked very hard to make this show reach where it is now and their hard work is very well reflected on screen.

“The AvNeil Gazette” will consist of various articles, interviews, games, videos etc. Without a doubt, I can say that this magazine will be a very fun read for everyone. It is a monthly magazine and we promise that we will always come up with creative ideas to make this magazine better.

Although, I came up with this idea but one needs the whole team to execute the idea. This would not had been possible without the wonderful team which we have. Our team consist of Information Technology/Software engineering, Law, Marketing, History, Medical, Media, Management, film/tv production editor etc students and professional workers. Every person in our team has contributed to this magazine which we have created. We hope the cast and crew of Naamkarann will like our small effort which is solely dedicated to them. We also hope that other readers will enjoy it. We also would like to thank Glitz Vision/Telly Tadka for supporting and acknowledging our efforts.

“The AvNeil Gazette” first edition releases on May 31 2017 and we hope everyone will like it. Please support us and we promise to deliver the best.

Ramsha and team (Kruthi, Deepika, Bijal, Safa, Arpita, Smriti, Muskaan, Minaal, Saima)

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