‘Only very lucky people find true love’ – Sushmita Sen

Even as Manushi Chhillar brings home the Miss World crown we catch up with model-actor Sushmita Sen the first Indian beauty to be crowned Miss Universe! She shares her thoughts on love, life and more

Q) Once again after 17 years an Indian beauty has been crowned Miss World. What is your reaction?

I am so happy that our country representative has been chosen Miss World and brought India into the limelight. Once again an Indian beauty has challenged the whole world and won!

Q) You were the first Indian girl to be crowned Miss Universe! You must have felt on top of the world?

At that time I didn’t know how to react. I could not believe that I had become Miss Universe. It took a long time for me to digest the news and express my happiness.

Q) Any other time you experienced this kind of happiness?

When I held my daughter Rene in my arms, once again I felt on top of the world. Frankly the joy on becoming a mother was more than the joy I felt on being crowned Miss Universe. That feeling on becoming a mother is something else.

Q) Your fans still want to watch you on screen. What is keeping you away from the movies?

There is no specific reason as such as there are other important things in my life than films. Also I am not too keen on the parts that I was and am being offered so I stay away.

Q) If we look around a lot of noise is being made over trivial comments made by celebs. What do you have to say about that?

I would say that if you want to stay away from controversies think before you speak. Don’t say anything which will get you into trouble.

Q) You are very soft spoken but still manage to captivate the person you talk to!

If you want you can win over anyone with kind words! Rude words only make enemies. It depends on you how you present yourself to the world.

Q) And how do you deal with disappointment?

There are ups and downs in everyone’s lives. Hope and setbacks are two facets of life. When you face failure just make sure you focus on something else, and the disappointment will vanish. Hanging on to defeat and just thinking about it aggravates suffering.

Q) Are you disappointed that there has been romance in your life but did not culminate into marriage?

No! I believe that whatever happens is for the best. Marriage or any other happening in life is destined. I don’t waste my time thinking about these things.

Q) If you were asked to choose between love and money what would you choose?

I would choose love because I have the capability to earn money, but only very lucky people find true love.

Q) If a girl considers you her role model and wants to become an actress, what advice would you give her?

I would tell her, go for it and give yourself a chance to realize your dreams. If you achieve them good, otherwise move forward and do something else!

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena