Love Ka Hai Intezaar Promo Review “ The Chemistry Of The Actors Might Be The USP Of The Show”

The launch of Star Plus Dopehar has been quite a success among the viewers as they have been enjoying all the shows thoroughly. A new show joins the lot and it has been receiving praises for its promos already.

The promos of the show ‘Love Ka Hai Intezar’ starring Keith Sequeira and Sanjeeda Sheikh in the lead roles has gone on air and for some reason the promo catches your attention and that is all about it.

The promo is something like this which begins with king of Rajgad, Maharaja Madhav Singh played by Keith Sequeira being called on stage to present an award which is given to Kamini Mathur, who is a well-known top actress in Bollywood (Sanjeeda Shaikh).

The award speech goes on and on about how Kamini is a very simple girl and doesn’t have a life like a princess rather she is the one who finds happiness in small things of life. These small things include basic but priceless moments like fighting for the last piece of chocolate, sleeping in her mom’s lap. What she also mentions is that she is looking out for her true love.

Now it is an obvious guess that the king is attracted towards this and this is how the love story is going to start for Madhav and Kamini. The former who is already is married and the latter who is ambitious.

But more than that we have to point out that the dialogues are way too cheesy and go over the top making you feel like- seriously!!!

The highlight of the show is going to be the performance of the two lead actors.

Sanjeeda and Keith’s characters ooze chemistry in tons and their pairing according to us, has a lot of scope, but that can be said only after the show goes on air. Sanjeeda and Keith look great together and their jodi also looks promising.

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Author: Shreya.P