‘I was looked down upon by senior journalists when I entered the industry’ – Sunny Leone

Her item numbers and the term ‘porn star’ is still very much associated with her but today it is her adopting a little girl that is making headlines. We caught up with the beautiful Sunny Leone at the launch of the new Himalayan mineral water, Jal, of which she is the brand ambassador to catch up with the latest happenings in her life.

Q) Sunny several great things are happenings in your life. You have bagged this rare mineral water campaign and recently you and your husband adopted a beautiful girl.

Yes, being the brand ambassador of Jal is a privilege. As for Nisha, (yes that’s her name) the happiness I got from becoming a mother cannot be explained. We, my husband Daniel and I have wanted to adopt a girl from quite some time, but the whole procedure took time. But finally it happened and I am ecstatic!

Q) It’s been a few days only, but still what kind of relationship do you have with the child?

Nisha is a very happy child and when she gives me that endearing look and smiles I cannot contain my happiness. She seemed so very happy while we were travelling from Latur a village near Maharashtra to our home in Mumbai. When she sat in the car she would laugh and look at me.

Q) How do you communicate? Does she understand your language?

She understands Marathi but now she is picking up some English words. Like now she says ‘bye’ and I know very quickly she will adapt herself. I feel she is made for us because the first time I set eyes on her I fell in love with her and wanted to bring her home.

Q) You seem to be in a very good space professionally and personally?

Yes personally I am very happy and professionally also I am slowly figuring things out. The industry has accepted me. Today I am a part of Bollywood.

Q) Being a foreigner, did you face any problems initially?

Yes a lot. I remember senior journalists would talk to me as if I had committed a big crime by becoming a porn star. I could feel their arrogance even if they spoke polished English and even looked down on me. I used to feel lonely and awkward but I never lost courage and ignored the taunts and looks and instead focused on my work! And the result is there before you.

Q) All the item numbers filmed on you have been a hit. Can you be called an ‘item’ girl?

I am glad that the special numbers I have done are a hit especially ‘Baby Doll’ and ‘Laila O Laila’. Because of them I am being offered more item numbers. But I would be more happy to be recognized an actress!

Q) What character played by a top leading lady would you like to play?

Each leading actress has her own identity and likewise I have my own. If I say I would like to play what Deepika Padukone played in Bajirao Mastani it would be wrong because only she could play the role like she did. Likewise,only Priyanka Chopra could play Mary Kom. Like all these actresses have their dentity even I would like to create my own and am working towards that.

Q) You must have been very happy when Aamir Khan supported you and Shah Rukh Khan gave you the Laila O Laila song in Raees.

Yes I am happy that they supported me. In fact when I stepped into the industry Salman Khan welcomed me on Bigg Boss. The Khans have always supported me.

Q) What changes can you see in the Sunny Leone of now and when she entered the industry?

A lot! I have been learning something new things every day since I came here and have matured as an actress. But yes I still have to work on my Hindi!

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena