The Lives of Ishwari, Dev, and Sonakshi

Remember the very first promo of the show.

It told how the simplest decision of heart was all taken by the mind.

Ironically after almost a year when finally Ishwari thought of taking the decision from her heart for her darling son, things are just not going the right way. From the past three days, we have been seeing new shades to this love story of Dev and Sonakshi. There is love, there is trust, there is peace and amazingly it wasn’t between Dev and Sonakshi but Sonakshi and Ishwari.

There is always a woman behind a man’s success. We have often heard this quote and it is indeed true in all the cases. And more so for a man a there are two women who will always be important in his life- his mother and his wife. Well in the case of Dev Dixit it is even more because he literally has no one except them and his world revolves around them.

If his mother Ishwari has given him birth, nurtured him and made him a successful man that he is today then Sonakshi has made him get a rebirth. She has shown him the true beauty of this world and how love is the most beautiful feeling in this world.

From the very beginning, Ishwari has never liked Sonakshi. She has never been fond of her. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that Sonakshi is not the favorite person of Ishwari. In fact, there have been instances when Sonakshi has told it loud and clear about how she isn’t able to convince his mother and how Dev has never been able to give Ishwari a negative answer. This ruckus of emotions led to their 7 year-long separations.

And now when things seem to fall in place and Ishwari and Sonakshi come to the same terms with both of them trying to get back to Dev it is soothing to see this understanding. Both of them have realized how they both have a special place in Dev’s life and it cannot be replaced by the other.

The best thing about this separation was how all three of them realize the importance of the other. If Sonakshi realizes her mistakes so does Dev and same is for Ishwari. When 7 years back all three of them were blaming the other now they seem to realize their mistake and take the blame on themselves that if they had not reacted that way things would have been pretty different.

They say relations break away but the connect and the bond stays forever. True indeed for they are not just trying to resolve the difference but actually trying hard to make a relation that stays forever- this time.