Fans Are Demanding A Season 3 of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan!

Happy Diwali!

Around this time three years back there was one fandom that was storming with feels. The feels, the theories and the scenes of their favorite show had made them fall in love with this festival of lights.
Any guesses which serial are we talking about?

Well, a hint would be the story of stars and fireflies.

Yes, now you got it right. After all who can forget the legendary story of Manik and Mandini that created buzz with the first punch to the last kiss. Nobody can ever forget the scene where Manik and Nandini land up in bed right before the Diwali party and the almost kiss that was interrupted with the background music of Shayad Yehi Hai Pyaar with stars in the darkness. Truly a fan gush moment.

It’s been two years since the show has gone, but still it has the same old vibe and the fans get the same feeling when they watched their favorite couple on screen for the first time.

Now with this year Diwali looks like the fans want to relive those moments and the iconic scenes yet again for they are demanding a new season of Kaisi Yeh Yariyan. Yes, you read that right.

The ardent fans of Kaisi Yeh yaariyan who are in love with MaNan portrayed by Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor are asking for a new season of the show with the same actors as leads. Social media accounts have been flooded with the promotion of this need of fans and Twitter is trending with the hashtag #KYYS3WithPaNiAsMaNan .

Not just that the fans have also made a petition with and already have more than 4000 supporters where the petition needs 5000 people to sign it. The petition shall be delivered to the makers of the show and the channel where the show was originally telecasted.

The reason for demanding the show is simply because everyone is in need of a fresh youth content on TV. In fact, the coming age story of Manik and Nandini dealing with everyday issues with a pinch of fairytale romance was a delight to the eyes and that is the biggest reason why everyone wants the show back. And if you ask why not any other actor instead? Well, the magic of MaNan is solely because of the chemistry of the leads Parth and Niti for the two of them could make even a forehead kiss so adorable and a simple hug so soothing to viewers’ eyes.

So why not? After all, nobody says NO to a good romance. What are your thoughts on the season 3 of the show? Do you want the makers to give you this as a Diwali gift?

Let us know in the comment box below.

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  1. Sumana Pal said:

    We want Manan back in the new season of kaisi yeh yaariaan with the same actors #ParthSamthaan #NitiTaylor as leads …
    Yes we want the makers to give us this as a Diwali gift .. #LoveforManan#parthsamthaan#Nititaylor #KaisiYehYaariaan

  2. Leena said:

    #KYYS3WithPaNiAsMaNan @niti_taylor @LaghateParth @myleeta @BBCWIndia @viacom18 @MTVIndia @FuzeProductions along with richa yamini mam pls bring manan back to us

  3. Ravina Vora said:

    We want Manan back on the show in Kaisi yeh yaariyan Season 3 and also want all the characters which having in the show of kyy Season 1 & 2 …we want Parth Samthan and niti Taylor main lead character in the show..
    We want all the characters back in the show of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Season 3 show….
    Plzzz start soon ASAP…plzz..its a humble request…. plzzz

  4. Pari said:

    We definitely want this diwali gift😍😍😭😭 we want them back… ❤❤❤ And we know we will get thrm back😍😍 #Ky2FandomPower 💪💪

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