Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka- Why Abeer and Amala’s Life Just Took An Interesting Turn?

The Indian remake of the hit show Fatmagul has been garnering a lot of attention and with that praises too for the story telling and the performance of the leads. The story of Amala who gets gang raped and her journey post the incident is what the show has been all about till now.

Until now we have seen the traumatic incident take place and how it has completely changed the life of Amala and Abeer with Amala even trying to commit suicide. The bubbly and jolly Amala even gave up on her life falling victim to the incidents post rape. However now she heads towards a new life in Mumbai as she has been married to Abeer.

Well according to me it begins an all new story and with that a whole journey which is going to be an emotional roller coaster.

Both Amala and Abeer believe that he was involved in the heinous crime of raping her but unknown to both of them it was Abeer’s friends who committed the heinous crime, and that is the biggest misunderstanding that has taken place. In fact Abeer in his guilt of having ruined a life has married Amala along with promising himself and his family to make her life better from now.

Amala obviously does not even consider the marriage with him as legal as she was tricked into the marriage by her sister-in-law. The sweet part in this is that even Abeer does not approve of her accepting him or being good to him for he feels he deserves it all for the crime he did.

With this happening now Amala and Abeer fighting with themselves and each other and going to start a new life in Mumbai where the other three friends of Abeer also reside. On the other hand Dev is in full mode of revenge for staining his love like that.

So it is pretty obvious Amala and Abeer are going to redeem the incident, and along with that find a new way to get out from the dark past they share. How their equation is going to form and what is going to happen next is making the story even more intriguing now.

Let us know what are your views about the new track that has been followed by the makers of Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka. Share your comments below.