Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka – Pankhuri Avasthy Takes on a New Challenge!

Pankhuri Avasthy who has earlier played strong riveting characters in serials like Razia Sultan and Suryaputra Karn has now taken on a new role in Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka. Avasthy plays, Amla, a rape victim, who fights for justice, portrays what these hapless victims go through, and the trials and tribulations that rape victims face. In a candid chat the actress talks about the challenges of playing such a part, how such crimes can be prevented and more

Q) What is your character Amla like in Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka?

I play a girl who dreams of having a loving husband, children and leading a good family life. But then something drastic happens which breaks her completely and her life turns upside down.

Q) And what happens in Amlas life which shatters her?

Amla is gang raped ! This leaves her a broken woman and to make matters worse her fiancée leaves her and she is married off to one of the men who had raped her. She loathes her husband and feels like hell when she has to face him as a wife.

Q) As an actress what were the challenges of playing a rape victim?

It was not easy to play such a character. The most difficult part was shooting the rape scene. Also there were many emotional breakdowns in the serial and I would start crying without glycerine. That’s when I realized the trauma of rape victims and have now developed a strong hatred towards rapists. I want to see that all rapists are punished.

Q) What message does the serial send out?

The serial shows the hardships and trauma rape victims have to endure a lot. Like in Amla’s case nothing is the same after her rape. Her family’s attitude changes as does the society and there are many things she has to endure.

Q) In real life what does Pankhuri dream about?

In real life I have some dreams like Amla. For me I want to make it big in my acting profession and have a happy love life.

Q) You have achieved a lot in your brief acting career. Did you always want to become an actress?

Yes, I always dreamed of becoming an actress and hence associated myself with theater. I used to work in the sales and marketing department of a company but used to audition for acting roles regularly. Now that I have this part I can safely say that I am a good actress. I am very happy today!

Q) You said you have a good love life. Could you tell us who the lucky man is?

I cannot name the person but yes he is also from this industry. We have a lot in common and like to discuss things related to the industry. I enjoy his company and there is a lot of love and understanding between us. We hope to marry soon.

Q) Won’t marriage affect your career?

No, I don’t think so. There are several TV actresses who are married and doing well. It depends on me whether I want to continue or take a break. Many actresses make a comeback after a break of three to four years. But I believe that things must be done at the correct time because once the marriageable age is over there is no point in getting married.

Q) Anything you would like to tell women about rape?

The law is getting strict about crimes against women. But having said that I would like to tell girls to take care of their own safety. To avoid going to places where is a danger of being attacked and God forbid if something happens they should be alert and use their instinct to get out of such a situation.

Interviewed By – Arti Saxena