Khuda aur Muhabbat – Episode 2, Love is Smiling!

So, the second episode of Khuda Aur Muhabbat season 2 was good as expected. We got to see more about characters and their life style, their way of thinking and their life experiences. What Im liking most about this season is that writer and director are doing amazing job in keeping a good pace to the story while giving more details about characters as compared to the season 1. I thought this might get boring as I will be watching the same story again, and detailing of characters may make the story progression slow but fortunately that’s not the case with the drama, story is moving on a good pace and fulfilling the objective of second season i.e more detailed version of events. Writer, director and producer sure deserve the praise for their hard work.

Hammad is carefree and fun loving person. He makes fun of his friends when they tell him about cupid and myth related to it. He doesn’t believe in emotions like love at all. The scene where he was mocking his friends and challenging cupid to punish him for his views about love, had some filmy feel as at the same time we are shown windows in Imaan’s is wide open suddenly because of strong wind, probably writer tried to show some telepathic love between them.

In this episode we get to know even though Hammad doesn’t believe in love yet he is a kind person at heart and takes care of people around him, including the servants in his house. He is probably not that emotionally attached to his parents because in his childhood they were always busy and he practically grew up with Shakir’s family that’s why he has close friendship with Shakir’s daughter and treats her like his own sister despite his parents objection.

Abdullah decides to stay with Molvi Aleem Uddin’s family on Molvi sahab’s insistence. His feelings for Imaan are open secret. In the last scene we can see the two totally different type of men who are going to fall for the same girl, as on one hand Andullah is shown offering Fajar prayer early in the morning and reciting Holy Quran while on the other hand its time for Hammad to go back home after partying hard all night long.

Overall drama is going strong, all actors are doing pretty good job. Imran Abbas is a treat to watch as always.

Rida Khan