Khaas baat with Judwaa 2 actor Varun Dhawan!!!

The very handsome Varun Dhawan spills the beans on playing identical, but not similar twins in the upcoming Judwaa 2

Q) Varun, Judwaa 2 is complete and will release soon. What are your feelings right now?

I am feeling very excited. It was my dream since childhood to work in a film like Judwaa. I never imagined Judwaa 2 would be handed to me on a platter and that too with my dad, David Dhawan, directing it. It was too good to be true.

Q) Do you recall the first day of shoot?

I remember when I was offered Judwaa 2, I was shooting for Badrinath Ki Dulhania. I suddenly felt very nervous and told Shashank Khaitan, the director of Badrinath, that I was not sure whether I could do justice to the film. To do the remake of Salman Khan’s film was a big challenge. Shashank, however, told me not to stress and I was very capable of pulling it off. The shooting of the film took off with the Ganpati Bappa song which took about eight days to complete. I am a devotee of Ganpati and I really put my heart and soul in the song. It was a good start because I got his blessings.

Q) After Salman Khan you are considered the hero of the youth and your fan following across all ages is growing by the day. Do you dream of becoming the next Salman Khan?

When I was little I used to buy samosas and popcorn and buy a 80 rupees ticket at Mumbai’s Chandan theater to watch films. I remember how Salman’s films used to cheer me up, especially Judwaa where he danced around with Karisma Kapoor and Rambha. I wanted to become an actor like him because I saw how children used to enjoy his films I also wanted children to enjoy my films because they never lie. That’s why the happiness on working in the film.

Q) How different is Judwaa 2 from Judwaa?

It’s not very different because no new separate script has been written for the remake. The old Judwaa is being presented in a new way. Only the actor playing Prem and Raja has changed, and instead of Karisma and Rambha it’s Jacqueline Fernandez and Taapsee Pannu. Dad has also added the scenes he liked in the original. The hit songs Uunchi Hai Building and Chalti Hai Kya 9 Se 12 from the original have been presented in a new way and some new songs have been added. Let me tell you I put in my best in the film because I didn’t want dad to say that I have a lackadaisical attitude because he is the director.

Q) What will Salman Khan be doing in the film?

The film would have been incomplete without Salman. He is doing a hilarious cameo and his entry will make everyone sit up!

Q) Is the film a case of mistaken identity?

Mistaken identity is the core of every film which has twins because that’s what brings the laughs. Here the fun is doubled because it shows how when one is hurt the other starts crying, how if one laughs the other also is seen laughing etc. Films like Sanjeev Kumar’s Angoor, Hema Malini’s Seeta Aur Geeta and Sridevi’s Chaalbaaz, all on twins have proved to be winners.

Q) What was your prep for the film like?

I met these twins Aman and Pawan and asked them if they are together how do they react to each other. I have noticed in twins one is naughty, who takes advantage of being an identical twin and one is generally calm. Keeping this in mind I prepared for my roles.

Q) All your previous films have been hits so the expectations from you are high. Does that put additional pressure?

More than anxious it makes me happy that the people like my films and have expectations from me. I work for the audiences and if they don’t like what’s the point? I work to live up to their expectations and want them to enjoy my films.

Q) How was it working with Jacqueline and Taapsee?

It was good fun I have worked with Jacqueline in Dishoom and Taapsee made her debut in Hindi films with my dad’s Chashme Baddoor, so we knew each other.

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena