KaIra’s ‘Rishta’ with ‘Sapne’ Turns Real!

“Yaar sapne dekhna tho humara basic human right hain!” Before you start wondering, no these aren’t mine; those exact words were uttered by Kartik Goenka himself when questioned about his love for dreams, specifically about the mushy romantic ones. No one has ever felt, scratch that, feels as strongly about their right to dream, as Kartik Goenka does (at least in the TV world). So basically if I said that dreams have been a huge part of Kaira’s love story, it would probably be one of the biggest understatements of 2016. There have been exactly 38 dream sequences of Kaira till now, out of which 28 have been Kartik’s alone. All of them have been special and unique in their own way while each one of them being undeniably beautiful. So it goes without saying that not just Kartik but all the fans as well wished that there was a way they could come true.
Seems like the makers of the show have finally heard them as we now see the “dream come true” sequences slowly taking over the “ridiculously amazing dreamy” sequences on the show. Which is of course why while we found ourselves listing down the three dream-turned-real moments from the show, we couldn’t help but also list down three other dreams that now top our ‘dream come true wish list’.

The come true ones –

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Khuda Jaane sequence:

Snow-capped mountains, white carpet roads, exotic locales of Switzerland, chiffon sari clad heroine, dreamy looking hero and their passionate love creating enough spark to brave even the harshest of colds. This is a trend that was extremely popularized by Yash Chopra with DDLJ. From then till now Swiss has been a dream destination for so many Indian couples for a romantic getaway. Of course it came as no surprise that Kaira got to have, inarguably their biggest most stunning dream sequence in there. It remains everyone’s including our very own Kartik’s alter ego, Mohsin Khan’s favorite dream sequence till date. It was no wonder the writers decided to go with this one to start-off the recreation trend. What made it special of course was the fact that Naira did all of it herself after she promised to make sure that each one of Kartik’s dreams came true starting with this one.

Exercise sequence:

This one was one of those really random yet completely adorable dream sequences of Kartik where our miffed hero is working out while the guilty heroine looks on, as he refuses to look her way. It’s only when she gets under him (no pun intended) as he does his push-ups that he relents, giving her his full attention peppering her entire face with kisses as well. It was probably the first time when Kartik actually wished for the dream to come true out loud and voila` the writers chose to comply. And just like the dream, the real one also just sort of happened and that is exactly what we think makes this one all the more appealing. I don’t know about everyone else but I sure hope this becomes a routine of sorts for the couple and next time we get to watch Kartik in a wife beater again!

Church parking lot sequence:

This one was a complete surprise. A love-struck Kartik watching his lady-love struggle to cross the puddle of water with her gown dreams about how he could easily help her out by carrying her over the puddle with her safely tucked in his arms but of course in reality he had to make do with helping her out with a plank on the puddle instead. The dream as amazingly magical as it was, wasn’t a very elaborate sequence to go on which is why we were pleasantly surprised to see Naira in yet another stunning gown, in the parking lot, in the very same situation. This time however as we watched Kartik taking in the situation, we knew as well as he did of what exactly came next. Yep, no plank this time!

The ones we wish do come true-

 photo The ones we wish do come true3_zpsbn293yo6.jpg

The tyre change in rain sequence:

When we think about romance and dream sequences, you cannot not think about rains and the season of love. There is just something so intimately magical about rains and love stories. They somehow manage to magnify everything, making it so much more alluring. Whether it is the emotions, the playfulness, the longing, the underlying passion or the intense love. Kartik and Naira playfully teasing each other as they try to change a punctured tyre while they are completely drenched in the rain was truly a sight to behold. Arjit Singh’s soulful voice and the very beautiful song only added to make this sequence more magical than it already was. We honestly can’t wait to watch how this one would be recreated if they decide on it because dream or not, rains and couples in love have always been a super hit combination.


Karthik looked oh-so-hot in a see through black kurti as he brazenly stared at her. Naira looked ethereal clad in a saree that was a beautiful shade of blue, a shy smile appearing on her face. The song, the moon-lit night, the passion and the very obvious sexual tension between them creating the perfect atmosphere for the hottest most sensual dream of Kaira ever! They completely scorched the screens with their chemistry and left all the fans asking for more. You cannot be surprised to see that this one made our top 3. There was no way it wasn’t going to. We await the night when finally this very hot Kanha-Radha Jodi will for real this time set the temperatures soaring with their very touch, every embrace leaving behind only a feeling of deep burning desire.

Very first Yahan Wahan dream sequence:

With Exquisite locales of Zurich as backdrop, Kaira looked absolutely breath-taking in their gorgeous outfits as they broke into a dance to their new original soundtrack ‘Yahan Wahan’. What made the song and the sequence so very special was not just the fact that it was an “original” but also the fact that the song managed to perfectly and exactly articulate everything that Kartik felt for Naira, which is no small feat. The ship, the dockyard, the streets, the dance and them holding hands as they finally walked away into the distance, all of it looked straight out of a movie than a TV show. There have been several versions of the same song used for different sequences on the show yet this remains the best one till date for obvious reasons which is of course why we wish to see the real version of it soon on the show. With Kaira Vivaah on the horizon, we can definitely see one or two situations that would help the cause.

There you have it. It wasn’t easy to choose but we managed. These were our top three favorites among so many brilliant and incredibly beautiful dream sequences on Kaira. Let us know if you agree with the list or if you have a list of your own, do share them with us.

Geetha Reddy