“Just a little while longer for my proper TV return; I promise I will not disappoint you” : Preetika Rao

Preetika Rao who is still fondly remembered as Aaliya of Beinteha, and who will be soon returning to the small screen after a long gap with a Star Plus show, has just finished shooting for short film called ‘Metro Mulaqat’. “It is a part of the Reliance My Metro My Story contest, where entries were called for stories revolving around the Mumbai Metro.” Says Preetika.

“It is a cute story about a couple ( Preetika and new boy Yunus) who meet on the metro and fall in love. But soon the girl goes away to pursue her career. She returns and meets him at the same place. To know what happens next, why don’t you check out the short film”

Check out the movie

Besides this short film the pretty actress will also be doing another one of a more similar format for a film festival. “Shorts are fun to do, for it allow us actor’s who have an established fan bases in films and TV to come out of our comfort zones and try out something different. Last but not the least as they are limited in nature, they don’t take too much of our time as well.”

Preetika is hopeful that her film will win the competition, “For we have managed to get over 5000 views in a 24 hours format while other videos have got similar numbers over 5 days. We have topmost views.”

In closing Preetika adds, “My 5 minutes comeback film has made my fans go into ecstatic overdrive; hats of them for waiting for me with so much enthusiasm and patience for so long. I could not have done it for anyone. I feel so bad for the delay in this profession that you can’t be on air quickly. Just a little while longer for my proper TV return; I promise I will not disappoint you”

I am sure that the fans are counting on your words and will be awaiting your return with love and adoration.

Anil Merani for TellyTadka