Jaana Na Dil Se Door – Will Vividha Break her Marriage with Ravish?

Star Plus’ Jaana Na Dil Se Door may not be prevalent on the TRP graphs, but rather the show has its unwavering gathering of people. The show is likewise notable for the sensational wanders aimlessly that it joins now and again, to keep the gathering of people astounded and stuck to the show. What’s more, one such curve will soon be seen on the show with Atharv passing on… then again not! Perused on.

Dadaji has admitted his aim of harming Vividha and Atharv as he feels that his girl in-law Suman (Smita Bansal) and grandson Ravish (Shashank Vyas) are troubled with having Ramakant’s (his child) ill-conceived family around. Dadaji additionally goes ahead to the degree of plotting to slaughter both Vividha and Atharv.

In any case, what happens is particularly sudden. At the point when Dadaji is going to hit Vividha, Atharv comes into spare her. What’s more, that is when Dadaji hits Atharv on the head and pushes him into an adjacent streaming waterway/stream. This is when Ravish achieves the spot with the police and gets Dadaji captured.

The powers attempt to scan for Atharv yet are not ready to discover him and he is ventured to be dead. Violate likewise leads the last ceremonies of Atharv, for his spirit to rest in peace, as he had acknowledged Atharv as his sibling (Atharv is Ravish’s stepbrother). This while, Vividha and Sujata (Shilpa Tulaskar) trust that Atharv is alive and will return soon.

Since everything has become alright, Vividha will need to break her marriage with Ravish and move back home with Sujata. Furthermore, Ravish consents to Vividha’s requests.

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