Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar – Nachiket aur Ragni Ki Pehli Mulaqat!!

Expecting to see the milkman, she had opened the door. Without realizing who was standing there, she asked for milk and the newspaper. He quietly looked at her. Following her instructions, he handed over the paper and milk to her. She turned and was about to close the door, but before she could take action the sound of a voice prompted her to open her eyes widely in shock. “Duniya badal gaiee”, he said. She could recognize his voice out of millions of other voices. Is he really standing at her door? She was stuck in a dilemma and was not expecting this at the moment. Did he really come back? He ignored her current state and continued talking “lekin tumhari aadatein nahin badlee, aankh khuli nahin aur haath mein paper chahiye”. She looks back in time, when he left her, and she promised him that she will not miss him and nor will she let her kids ever remember him, because whatever they had together was over. She also thought about the time when she promised him that “she will not change”. Did he really come back, forgetting all the promises they had made to each other when getting separated? The Milk pack and paper fell from her hands, but having no concern for her current condition, he continued to talk and asked “ghar mein aane nahin kahogi? Don’t worry ghar mein aa raha hoon, zindagi mein nahin”. He entered in the house with all the right and authority, and she couldn’t say a single word. He takes a look at the surroundings.
Ragini picks up the stuff, turned and said “main change karke aati hoon” and walks towards her room, but before she would takes a step, he asked “kyon? Doodh waale ke saamne nighty pehen kar jaa sakti ho, aur apne ex husband ke saamne nahin” She controlled her anger and did not say a word; he continued to talk “mujhe dono surton mein koi farakh nahin padhta”. She ignored him and walks to her room. He saw Nani on the other side of the room, and calls out “Nani” and walks towards her. She heard him and turned around. Before he would greet her and take aashirwad, she speaks up “pehchanengi nahin tumhein, alzheimers hai unhein” he looks at her “tumhara naam bhi yaad nahin hoga unhein” she continued without giving importance to his expression. He ignored her and touched Nani’s feet. She turned in shock when Nani touched his face and said “arey Nachiket beta tum aagaye”. Nachiket turned and gave her a mischievous look. In this one look he said everything to her about the fact that she can forget him, but others cannot. They still remembered him, even if they were not able to remember anything else, but yet, they remembered him. Nani broke his stare and said “Nachiket beta tum aagaye, main kab se tumhara intezar kar rahi thi, abb aaye ho toh main jaane nahin dongi”. Ragini was completely in shock, and out of words. Nani proved her wrong in front of Nachiket! What an insult! She thinks that she knows everything, but even having lived with them for such a long time, she wasn’t aware of them. He smiled and asked Nani to come and sit with him, ignoring her. Nani continued her talk and said “main tumhe jaane nahin dongi”. He takes her in her room leaving Ragini in shock.
He comes out from Nani’s room, took a look at the room, and sat relaxed on the couch, putting his feet on the coffee table, and started reading the newspaper. Ragini entered the room after getting ready, and said “pair neeche” – he gives her a look, she said again in a strict tone “humare ghar mein table par pair rakh kar nahin baithte”. He takes his feet off the table, sets the paper on the other side of the sofa and asks softly “rule number?” She asked in confusion as to what he is trying to ask “huh”, he continued, “I mean rule number eighty, one eighty, one thousand eighty, itne toh rules honge hi tumhare ghar mein” she controlled her anger, and quietly stares him. He sat straight on the sofa and said “main seedha ho kar baith jaata hoon, I am sure iss ka bhi koi na koi rule zaror hoga” She ignored his words and asked in strict tone “kyon aaye ho yahan?” He smiled and said “aaj bhi tevar nahin gaya tumhara, kuch kehne se pehle sawal poochti ho, poochna hi tha toh yeh pooch leyti main chai piyonga ke nahin?” She smiled and said “Aur tum aaj bhi jawab taal deyte ho, waakhi kuch nahin badla”. Both had many complaints without forgetting about their egos. Neither of them was ready to taking the steps back.
He got up from the sofa, walked near her, turned to the other side of the room, towards the window, and said “well tumhari beti mujhe keh rahi thi ke bina uske papa ke uss ki shaadi nahin ho sakti” Ragini turns her back quietly, she has nothing to say, because she knows that how important Nachiket is for her kids, as he is their father and that no one can change this reality, no matter how hard she tried. Both were facing the other sides of the room, and he continued “bechari badi dari hui si, sehmi hui si lag rahi thi, but I guess tum ne uss ki parwarish ki hai, itne saal tumhare saath rahi hai, dari hui, sehmi hui toh hogi hi” Ragini quietly listened to him, he continued “chalo acha hai shaadi ho jayegi, choot jaayegi bechari”. Ragini breaks her silence, and asked “toh shaadi mein aarahe ho tum?” Nachiket turns and said “aa raha nahin hoon, aa gaya hoon main”. Ragini turns and said “mujhe ko farakh nahin padhta, aur abb aa hi gaye ho toh treatment achi mileygi kyonke hum humare guest ki insult nahin kurte”. Nachiket smiled, Ragini continued “Khao, piyo aur jao”. Nachiket said “haan yehi kurne waale hain, main aur mere bacche”. The color from her face drained as Ragini was reminded of her kids, and she asks softly, “bacche, woh dono bhi aaye hain Ranvir aur Agam?” Nachiket looked at her, how she forgot her own rules, her own promise, overcome by emotions. Ragini asked softly “Kaise hain woh, I mean abb bade hogaye honge na”. Nachiket kept looking at her, trying to understand what she was actually saying, because Ragini was the one who had decided that they will not meet the kids, not even showing them who’s children they were. She breaks his stare and continued “kaise dikhte hain woh?” Before she would continue and flew more in emotion, he cuts her off and said “tumne theek se sunna nahin Ragini, maine kaha mere bacche”. Ragini looked at him, he continued “apni behen ki shaadi mein aaye hain zid kar ke, chote hai na abhi, nadan hain, duniyadaari ki samajh nahin hai unhein, lekin tum ek baat theek se samajh lo, woh mere bacche hain, aur tumhara unn ke saath koi rishta nahin”. Ragini holds her emotions inside, and look at him with teary eyes, controlling her tears to drop front of him. He continued “na rishta baneyga, na tum koi rishta banane ki koshish karna”. Ragini turns, but his words force her to look back at him. He continued “ aaj se pandra (15) saal pehle jo sharth rakhi thi main aaj bhi uss sharth par qayam hoon, tum bhi rehna.” Ragini recollected her words, how 15 years back she had said “ main akeli inn ki maa aur baap dono ban kar inhe paalongi, aisi parwarish karongi, itna pyaar dongi ke tumhari yaad kabhi inn ki taraf phatkegi bhi nahin”. She looks back to him, and he reminded her again “kya kaha tha tum ne, khao, piyo, jao, right? Wohi karonga, na koi rishta banaonga, na koi rishta banne donga, ok?” Nachiket threw her words back at her face – he wasn’t the one who made this rule, and doesn’t want her to forget that, but Ragini is flowing in emotions. She said “lekin bacche toh” he cuts her off and said “bacche toh bacche hote hain Ragini”, he walks two steps a head and stood behind her, and said “shaadi biyah ka mahool hai bacche hum se milenge, ho sakta hai jazbaati bhi ho, lekin main nahin chahta ke unn mein se koi bhi hum se emotionally jude, hum ajnabiyon ki tarah aaye hain, ajnabiyon ki tarah jaaenge”. Ragini was quietly, patiently listening to him. He continued “Ranvir ya Agam ke saath rishta judne ko koshish mat karna Ragini, agar tumne aisa kiya toh yaad rahe main bhi Aarav aur Nishi par apna haq jama sakta hoon, jo tum shayad afford nahin kar sakogi”. Ragini cuts him off and said “ok, I get it, apni limits jaanti hoon main”. Nachiket said “good” and just as he is about to leave, she stops him and says “abb aaye ho toh card le kar jao”.
He stopped and she gave him a card. He looks at the card and said “poora yakheen tha mujhe ke iss card par baap ka naam nahin hoga”. Ragini cuts him off and said “zimmedariyan kaunsi nibhai hai tum ne jo naam ka haq maang rahe ho”. He checked the card again, and said, “engagement is today, do you need any help?” She said “main ne kaha na khao, piyo aur jao”. He said “attitude”, she said “tumhari hi dain hai, kuch loog attitude ke saath hi paida hote hain, aur kuch loog apno ki sangat mein reh kar seekh jaate hain, abb apne toh saath rahe nahin, attitude reh gaya” she said and turns her back. How can he be quiet? He asked her “tumhara dosra husband kahin dikhaiee nahin de raha?” Ragini got freezes from his question, and the color in her face drains again and she murmurs with confused look “husband?” He said, “Yeah husband, aaj bhi tum husband lafz sunn kar chaunk jaati ho, purani aadat hai tumhari, yeh bhool jana ke tumhari zindagi mein koi husband bhi hai”. Pain was showing on his face, and in his eyes, he was controlling his emotions as well; don’t want to be weakened front of her. He continued “mere doston ne mujhe bataya ke tum ne dosri shaadi karli, Dr. Aman” Ragini was kept in shock from hearing his words, because she knows that after him she never gave anyone a chance in her life, she was a single mother, and no one can take his place in her life, no matter how many differences they had, and even if they are not together today. He continued “nice guy, aadmi acha hai bas thora sataya hova lag raha tha, abb kya kare tum se shaadi karne ka yehi anjaam hota hai” pain can clearly be seen in his face, in his words. He continued “waise main ne socha nahin tha tum dosri shaadi karogi”. Ragini turns back to him, and asked “kyon?” She was surprised with his confidence of how much he knows her, but still wanted to hear it from his mouth, but he is few steps ahead of her, how could he let her know that he knows her more than she knows herself. He said “abb tumhe tolerate kurne wala iss duniya mein toh” before he would continue she cuts him off and said “what do you mean? Mere saath rehna, zindagi bitana itna mushkil hai, itni buri hoon main? But look at me now, I am happily married” she lied with the confidence and continued “ Dr. Aman aur main” before she would continued forward he cuts her off and said “ohh Dr. Aman, unhein Dr. Aman keh kar bulati ho?” Taunt was in his words, he continued “so sweet, kam se kam unhi ka naam iss card mein daal deya hota”. Ragini looked at him with anger, he continued “ lekin nahin I am sorry yeh tum kaise hone dogi kyon ke baccho ki maa aur baap dono toh tum ho” Pain and taunt were laced in his words. Ragini kept staring at him with anger as he continued “ yeh credit tum kisi aur ko kaise leyne dogi”. Her limits of patience crossed and she broke her silence and said “enough, please leave now”. He turns, and about to leave, she took a breath of peace, but he stopped and turned back to her and asked “shaadi mein toh aa rahe hai na woh, never mind tum nahin samjhogi” said in pain, and surety of disagreement, and walks away. She gasped!

Both are equally stubborn, equally responsible for this situation, and none of them want to take a step back. They have a lot inside of them. The bitterness they kept for each other for 15 years, one day was not enough to take it out, but in the first meeting they had said a lot. To see each other after 15 years and holding the same emotions inside is not easy. They are really trying their best to not to get weakened in front of each other, but their eyes, their words are not justifying them. Their love for each other has not lessened one bit. They both were pretending very well that nothing was bothering them, nor did they care, but the truth is the complete opposite. Their first meeting was full of all the aspects: attitude, arrogance, jealousy, taunting, pulling each other’s legs, love, hate, pain, and loads of complaints.

Hats off to Creative Head, Dialogue Writer, Director and obviously wonderful performance by Ronit Roy and Pallavi Kulkarni to make this scene so perfect, so real, and so classy. This scene was the one of the best first meeting scene of Indian Television!!! Totally powerful pack meeting of Nachiket and Ragini.

Author – Muniza Riaz
Glitz Vision

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