Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar – The Intense Relationship of Neil and Ragini

“Pyaar itna hi karo ke dil behel jaaye,
Iss qadar bhi na chaho ke dum nikal jaaye”

Red color represents intensity, and they say that’s the reason why blood, which is also red, brings together relationships making them strong and intense. Once you get connected with someone strongly and whole-heartedly then it’s not easy to forget or move on in life. Some relationships are blood related, and some are completely connected to our hearts, whether we are living together or separately, but the connection always remains the same. Relationships have many shades, sweet, sour, and bitter and in the present case, the people we are talking about are Ragini and Neil who share a love-hate relationship.

There is a saying “the heart relationship is bigger than the blood relationship”. And this saying is completely perfect for Neil and Ragini’s relationship. Both are connected at heart. Their relationship is so strong that even after living apart for fifteen years they neither have moved on nor haven’t given anyone else a chance to enter into their lives. For them only both of them matter to the other. Their love, their anger, their hatred, their ego comes first for them, and rest world after. Despite bitterness, anger, ego, and attitude, they still can’t see anyone else near each other “raha bhi na jaaye tum sang, aur jiya bhi na jaaye tum bin”. Aisa hi kuch silsila hai Neil aur Ragini ka.

When they were apart, they were honest with each other, but now when they are together and close to one another, they both are lying and hiding their feelings, because they don’t want the other to know that they are bound to one another still. Words can lie, but feelings can’t be hidden. It shows on one’s face, in your eyes, in your actions and reactions. No matter how much Neil and Ragini deny their feelings, their eyes say it all. You can read, you can feel how much they want to be with each other, the thirst of wanting to be together flows from their eyes. You can see the pressure they carry in their heart from their teary eyes, and through their bitter words. They are holding so much inside them that needs to come out; else they would burn everything near them, with them. Intensity in love or relationship is good until you are together and understand each other very well, but if there is a difference then it will not let you live in a peace. Anyone, who understands the meaning of relationships, can feel the intensity of their love. At the moment, they have made their ego larger than the love they show for each other, and that’s the reason that today even after being near each other they are very far away.

Relationships are like a string, if it breaks once, it will never be the same ever again, no matter how many knots you tie. The string that binds Ragini and Neil broke a long time ago but the thread strands which did not completely sever are holding them together, and in this case it’s their kids.. In their ego, and anger they had divided their kids, who are craving to get the love of both the parents. Neither of them wants to take a step back, or shed their ego. They love their kids so much, and want to be with them, but as I said earlier, for them it’s only the other that matters to each other. They are still not realizing that in their anger they are burning their kids with them. Once they accept each other or forgive one another from their heart, they will accept their kids as well…

Ronit Roy and Pallavi Kulkarni portray the characters of Neil and Ragini so gracefully that we feel the burning of their intense relationship in our body. They essay the emotions in such a way that it leaves you wondering if your heart can take it anymore. Hats off to them for getting into the skin of the characters and making them so real.

Please do watch Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar on Sony TV every Monday to Thursday at 10:30pm IST.

Author – Muniza Riaz

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