Ishq Mein Marjawan – Who is playing whom? *Promo 2 Analysis and Symbolism*

What if ‘love’ that one believes to be a boon ends up being a bane? This is the same question that I posed to our readers after analyzing the first promo of Colors upcoming show Ishq Mein Marjawan. After watching the second promo there is no particular change in the question because here instead of a ‘boon’; love comes across as a ‘bane’.

Promo 2 starts with the narrator introducing us to Aarohi-Deep and their love “Deep aur Aarohi…. Do dil ek manzil – Pyaar. Par iss pyaar ne badal di unki zindagi”. Love is in the air for the lovely couple, and they are extremely happy in each other’s company. After a few shots filled with colors of love, we soon see Deep frantically searching for Aarohi and calling out her name in despair. His search leads him to a room, to be specific a washroom where Aarohi in a completely different avatar is seen sitting by a bathtub. There is a dead body in the bathtub and Aarohi is seen placing a blood stained knife before her in a very calm and composed manner. Deep calls out to Aarohi and she looks at him with a rather bored expression which changes into a smile of familiarity. She then looks at her bloody hands, the dead girl in the tub and the amused smile is replaced by a shocked expression.

This is then followed by a scene which is the exact opposite of what was shown in promo 1. Instead of Aarohi being handcuffed and taken away by the cops we see Deep being handcuffed and taken away. And just like we saw a change in Deep’s demeanor when Aarohi was taken away; we see Aarohi giving a conceited smile. The last shot shows Deep behind bars and Aarohi walk away like she doesn’t care as Deep mouths the same dialogue that Aarohi did previously –‘Pyaar ne woh kiya hai mere saath, ki duniya ka bharosa uth jaayega pyaar se aaj ke baad’ (If this world comes to know what love did to me; they would stop trusting in love hereafter).

By now fans who are following news articles and development details of Colors upcoming romantic & revenge suspense thriller series Ishq Mein Marjawan starring Aalisha Panwar and Arjun Bijlani have a pretty good idea regarding the plot of the show. For those who haven’t the vaguest idea what the broad-story of Ishq Mein Marjawan is all about here you go :

Aarohi (Aalisha Panwar) falls in love with Deep Raichand (Arjun Bijlani). Life is going great and everything is picture perfect but, Aarohi soon finds herself as the primary suspect for a series of murders which puts her behind bars. However, Aarohi’s faith in love is brutally shattered when she realizes that everything that seemed to be mere coincidences were in fact planned, and by none other than Deep. Aarohi learns that Deep was only pretending to love her and had her set her up to take the fall for the murders that were in fact committed by his wife. The young woman then plans her escape and decides to avenge the wrongs done to her but, stumbles across the reason as to why Deep chose her as bait – Deep’s psychopathic murder plotting wife looks identical to Aarohi making her perfect to take the fall.

The second promo is quite confusing and interesting because it is more of a puzzle. You are not able to decipher whether the promo has featured both women -Aarohi and her look alike or just one? It can be possible that the girl shown throughout the promo is one person, and it is also possible that two different women were shown. It is possible that the young girl we see in the opening scenes is one character and the girl we see in the washroom scene is another character. But which one is Aarohi? Is Aarohi the girl being betrayed by Deep or his wife?

If we go by the first promo then Aarohi is the girl who Deep betrays. But if we go by this promo then there are quite a few possibilities. It is possible that the girl in first parts of the promo and then one who is in the washroom scene are two different people. The first one probably is the one who Deep is trying to set up for the murders, and the one in the washroom is the murderess aka his wife. But it does not clear the confusion as to why he addresses both these women as Aarohi; be it when he is frantically searching for her or when he witnesses her as the cold-blooded murderess. This confusion paves way for the second possibility that the woman shown throughout the promo is one person alone whose name is Aarohi – Deep’s psychopathic wife. But then link this back to promo one and you are left more confused. Already intrigued by how this is going. Aren’t you?

But what makes one most curious is the last scene where Deep is handcuffed, taken away by the cops and put behind bars. Who is the woman shown that time? Is it his wife? Or is it the innocent girl whose life he tried to ruin? It can swing either ways. Psychopaths lack empathy. So the psycho murderess wife betraying her hubby in a time of crisis, and that too after he does everything to save her from getting convicted makes sense. And so does Deep’s dialogue ” Pyaar mein wafa ki khwahish karta har dil hai; par pyaar mein kya mile … kehna mushkil hai.”. But it is also very much possible that the young woman who was betrayed in love by Deep got her revenge by putting him behind bars. Right?

A very interesting shot in both promos aired so far is how when both protagonists open their eyes after a period of happiness their world turns upside down. This could be symbolic of how what one sees need not be the truth. Even eyes or one’s perception can be deceptive. This can also be a hint from the makers that things are going to get really murky once the show starts. We say bring it on!!!

How Aarohi avenges Deep for ruining her life and betraying her love remains to be seen. But the promos have done their job extremely well. The 10 days countdown surely looks like a hard wait especially when there are so many questions to be answered.

In a show which various elements such as romance, betrayal and murder Aalisha plays a double role while Arjun will don the hat of a character with grey shades for the very first time. Produced by Yash Patnaik’s Beyond Dreams Productions the show is written by Mamta Patnaik.

Are you excited for the show?

Author: Vijitha R.