Ishita to save Raman from Vandita’s muder allegations in YHM

It’s a sad moment for all YHM fans as one of the favorite characters in the show is no more. The very talented Shruti Bapna has bid the show good bye and to bring her character Vandita Balachandran to an end, she was shown meeting with an accident after which the doctors declared her dead.

The Bhalla’s and Iyer’s will be in a state of shock after the news breaks but an even bigger shocj awaits them as Raman (Karan Patel) will be arrested in the hit an run case. Raman will be shocked, Ishita (Divyanaka Tripathi) will be confused as she did see Raman’s car but is sure that somebody is trying to frame her husband.

The police will be seen arresting Raman based on a CCTV footage that shows Raman’s car hitting Vandita and speeding away. Following this viewers will get to see Ishita take up the responsibility of freeing her husband from the clutches of law that has wrongly arrested him.

Who is trying to trap Raman? Will Ishita get to the bottom of this riddle?

Stay tuned!