Ishita Dutta Talks About Her Upcoming movie Firangi, co-star Kapil Sharma And More

Younger sister of model-actress Tanushree Dutta, Ishita Dutta debuted on Television with Ek Ghar Banaunga then went on to play Ajay Devgn’s daughter in Bollywood Thriller Drishyam followed by essaying the lead role in Life OK’s series Baazigar. The lovely actress will soon be seen as Kapil Sharma’s leading lady in Firangi

Q) Ishita what is your role in Firangi?

I play a simple village girl Sargi who falls in love with Manga (Kapil Sharma) a young guy who hails from another village. We meet at a wedding and it is love at first sight as soon as our eyes make contact! But since the film is set in Punjab of the 1920s Kapil doesn’t get a chance to touch his leading lady and he likes to sulk about that point! Sargi is a shy girl, but if she sees any wrong being done she is not the one to stay quiet, but makes her point in a toned down quiet manner.

Q) How was it playing a character which is different from the girls of today?

You are right; Sargi is not like a today’s girl. But I put in my best and then Rajiev Dhingra the director gave me links of old films to watch so that I could imbibe the etiquette of the girls of that era. During shooting he would explain how to walk, talk and hold the dupatta etc. He is very cool so there was no stress whilst working with him. Kapil is also super cool so I was very comfortable during the entire shoot.

Q) What was your reaction when you learnt that your leading man was Kapil Sharma?

When I came to know that Kapil was the producer of the film I was thrilled. Not only me, but my mother too is a big fan of Kapil’s and was thrilled when she saw the trailer of the film. For me it was like a dream come true.

Q) What is the best thing about Firangi?

The making of the film is excellent. The film is set in the 1920s during the British rule, and every scene is beautifully captured. Generally films set in this era talk about how people were tortured but here the subject is not patriotism. It shows how people also led normal lives during the British rule having extravagant weddings with dance and music.

Q) How was the experience of shooting in Punjab?

I am from Jamshedpur and the cold season is similar the one in Punjab so it was lovely, not to mention the sumptuous food. Since I had to put on a few kgs for my role I stuffed myself with gobi parathas and lassi. It was the best lassi I ever had!

Q) What other prep did you have to do?

I had to wear typical Punjabi clothes and a lot of attention was paid to detail. Like my designer got the material from Punjab and washed it several times before stitching as my character had to wear worn out clothes. Otherwise I had to wear Patiala salwar with short kurtas and sequined duppatas, light make-up and no nail polish etc.

Q) Do you have a favourite scene in the film?

Yes, there is a scene in which Kapil gives me soap bars as a gift and I am flummoxed because in those days we had our bath with natural products like curd and milk. So I touch it gingerly to see what it feels like. It showed how innocent I was.

Q) Does your elder sister Tanushree guide you in any way?

Yes she guides me on all things personal and professional. She lives in the US now and I visit her occasionally. She is doing a web series and if she gets a role she likes in India, she will definitely do it.

Q) Did you always want to become an actress?

The thought of becoming an actress came into my mind when I saw Tanushree doing films. Later when I did a course from Anupam Kher’s acting institute I knew this is what I wanted to do.

Q) Besides the film Drishyam you have done a television show Baazigar. Would you like to continue working both in films and TV?

Yes I would like to do both. Television as a medium gives an actor fantastic exposure!

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena