‘I am only 50 percent actor’ Salman Khan

Salman Khan is an actor who has made a place in people’s hearts because of his charisma and the person that he is. Even if his film flops the audience still holds him dear. What makes Salman the much loved person that he is? We find out

He has already started shooting for the Remo D’Souza directed Race 3 which will once again have him playing his daredevil self. Then there he is also supposed to do Remo’s dance based film in which he will play a father and he is thrilled about that……

‘I am extremely fond of children. I love them because they are innocent, there is no façade, no hypocrisy and they are very upfront. Whatever is in their hearts is on their lips. I like everything about children and try to spend as much time with them as possible.’

Fans make a star
‘Our audience and fans make us stars. If an actor is loved or hated it’s because of them and their response and reaction is very important to actors. If a majority of my films are a hit it’s because of the audience who has gone to the theaters to watch them, but when they reject my films I know the direction I should go. I firmly believe in the adage that ‘public sab jaanti hai’ (the public knows everything). If there is a positive reaction to my film I want to work harder and it’s for my fans that I want to become a versatile actor!

Fifty percent actor
‘I never ignore the story when I am signing a film because I believe the story is the ‘hero’ of the film. As actors we only play the characters but if there is no substance in the story our characters will also fall flat. That’s the reason I only sign a film if I feel the story will have an impact. Since I am a writer’s son this discretion of judging a good story comes naturally to me. That’s the reason that films like Mughal-E-Azam and Sholay are remembered even today. If the story is strong a film will be a hit and if it does not run, the story is weak. I consider myself only 50 percent actor because the other half is the story!

Terrible times
‘After several years in the industry I am beginning to recognize and understand people. Just by looking at a person’s face I can tell what is going in his mind and even can tell a good person from a bad. I know how to handle myself in the worst of situations. If I feel that the person harbors negative feelings for me I ignore it because there is so much tension in my life that I don’t want more stress. I prefer talking to people who are cheerful and happy and hang out with people who are positive. I don’t let negativity affect me. There is always both happiness and sadness in people’s lives. Like everyone there have been downs in my life when I get shattered. I have seen such terrible times which can shake up the toughest of person. I could survive that period because I was positive and believed that one day my bad phase would get over. It is this belief that has that I am where I am today. That’s why I stay away from negativity and always think positive and like to be with children because they are positive.’

Social media can get bizarre
‘I am very active on social media today. I know that it has become an important aspect of our lives. But you also get to see plenty of bizarre things going on here. People don’t disclose their names, call themselves our fans and spout rubbish. At times they even drag our family members which I hate, and that’s when I try to stay away from it all.’

As told to – Arti Saxena