Hope Bipasha and London Event Organizers Kiss and Make Up!

In all this hullabaloo over who is wrong and who is right in Bipasha Basu vs her London fashion event organizers (Gurbani Kaur and Ronita Sharma Rekhi), which she refused to walk claiming non fulfillment of hospitality and logistics conditions. I wish to take a bird eye view of what might have happened.

A no artist worth his or her salt will not walk out unless something very serous has happened. It would have been better if Bips had made it clear what was the deal breaker? She has called her event manager a con artist which is a very serious charge and the latter can file defamation case if they wish.

The organizer’s on their part have also admitted certain glitches did take place, but these happen do at most events. What really went wrong that Bips took the risk of walking out. We have no clue as to what the above terms and conditions are and do they allow Bipasha the lee way to walk out, for normally you can be legally held accountable for not keeping your end of the bargain.
Also in most events differences are resolved amicable and never made public. Here things went out of control and are now in the domain of the media which is having a field day.

The best way to salvage the day would be is for both parties would be is to eschew ego and resolve the matter amicably. We have no clue as to what was promised and not delivered. On the face of it appears that the organizers did suffer loses due to last minute no show.

The ongoing media circus is not helping either party. Rather it besmirch the reputation of all concerned for the common locker room talk would be is no one is babe in the woods. Other (actors and or organizer‘s might be hesitant to work with either of them due to fear of similar problems happening with them as well.

I don’t think the organizer’s will eventually go to court, as they have threatened for it
you don want to make your business dealings public which a court case will force. Bips on her part should try to reach out them via a third party and get this resolved. The longer this fester it will only harm’s her rep.

Anil Merani