Haasil introduces it’s 3 key players and the game just got really interesting !!!

‘Aa raha hai Ranveer Raichand haasil karne apna maqsad’

‘Aa raha hai Kabir Raichand haasil karne apna junoon’

‘Aa rahi hai Aanchal haasil karne apna haq’

With three distinct promos introducing the three main players of a game that is about to get really interesting and edgy; Haasil has announced its arrival, and you have to hand it to the makers for making it stylish, sedulous and scintillating.

The fist promo introduces us to Player No. 1 Ranveer Raichand essayed by Zayed Khan who is making his television debut with this thriller series. The narration goes “Kismat ke haathon mohtaj nahi hota…Zindagi se khairat nahi leta. Ranveer Raichand apni kahani khud likhta hai!” . From what is shown and what is said Ranveer Raichand comes across as a rich charismatic young businessman, who believes in living life on his own terms. Driving swanky cars, riding a chopper; his intro shows Ranveer as a go-getter and the king of his empire probably until he meets her.

Cut to Player No. 2 Kabir Raichand is essayed by the devilishly charming Vatsal Seth. The promo reminds you of the iconic character previously essayed by Vatsal. Yes, we are talking about Shaurya Goenka of Ek Hasina Thi but, the extent of this similarity remains to be seen. Unlike Ranveer; Kabir who plays the younger Raichand brother comes across as a ladies man of sorts. The women surely likes him but who is it that has caught his attention? The narration for Kabir goes “Woh Mohabbat kya…jismein pagalpan na ho? Aur woh junoon kya….jismein zid na ho?”. It is the use of the word Mohabbat and Junoon (Love and Obsession) that kinda makes it tricky to completely state that the characters (Read – Shauraya and Kabir) are similar because the first word “Mohabbat” was something that did not exist in Shaurya Goenka dictionary. If one were to go by the promo the reason for his pagalpan (Madness) and zid (stubbornness) is clearly her.

Last but not the least Player No. 3 is the feisty lawyer Aanchal who will be portrayed by the beautiful Nikita Dutta who was last seen in Sony TV’s Ek Duje Ke Vaaste. A complete 360° change from the characters she has essayed so far Aanchal is surely going to stand out. Also it is always is a treat to watch a bold and beautiful woman character who is equally ballsy when compared to the usual ones. Compared to the first two promos aka the brothers promo; Aanchal the woman who decides to take on the Raichand’s is slightly different and more descriptive. We are introduced to a cut-throat lawyer who does not even bat an eyelash when asked by the media what she was thinking when taking on such powerful people. Anchal responds by saying ‘Jiski soch itni giri hui ho, unke baare mein main sochna bhi nahi chahti” . Whoaaaa that was harsh but gotta give it to the girl who is here to drive a wedge between the two brothers.

The way she emerges by splitting the image of the two brothers Ranveer and Kabir who were greeting each other or perhaps gonna hug each other clearly symbolizes her role in this romance thriller. One promo can’t say much but sometimes it does speak volumes. Aanchal saying that she does not even wish to think about people whose thoughts are of such low standard hints towards the possibility that she perhaps has a history with them. Maybe a past connection? Did the Raichand’s do something to her or her family?

However, it is the end of this promo; the third one that actually completes the two previous ones because here we see that it is Aanchal opposite the Raichand Boys in the car face-off shot. It is evident that she is here to change their lives but, to know how that happens I guess we’ll have to wait and watch.

Coming to the last line in each promo; it goes ‘Aa raha/rahi hai….’. But its the three different words used for the three characters that makes it really interesting. Maqsad (Motive) for Ranveer, Junoon (Obsession) for Kabir and Haq (Right) for Aanchal. Ranveer is coming to obtain a certain motive, Kabir to obtain his obsession and Aanchal her right. While there is a vague idea about what Kabir’s obsession might be; Ranveer’s motive and Aanchal’s right would leave you blank because you haven’t the faintest idea as to what these are.

The promos have definitely sparked the viewers interest. With an amazingly talented star-cast and a broad-story which masks as a tale of romance but is in fact one of revenge; the thriller has surely got its take off right!!! We know this is a love-story. We also know that Anachal will start off on a positive note but will start showing her true colors (shades of grey) whose aim is to take on the Raichand’s. ‘Unity is strength’ but what happens when that unity is destroyed? Will Aanchal manage to do that?

One of the best thrillers we have had in recent times aka Ek Hasina Thi’s creative director Siddharth P. Malhotra is producing the series under the banner of Alchemy Productions. The show is expected to replace Beyhadh next month.

With three different people coming to attain three different things the plot of Haasil just got all the more interesting that the promos aired. Don’t you think?

Author: Vijitha Rajan