GHULAAM is anticipated because of the STAR cast!

Niti Taylor and Param Singh’s most anticipated project and one of the highly expected shows of 2017- Ghulam starts today and it is going to be a royal treat for all of the fans. With the character portrayals of the lead cast – Param Singh, Niti Taylor and Vikas Manaktala, now out in the open, we as well, can’t sit tight for the show to captivate us.

There are some high points of the show which we can’t let go off. The first one obviously being Niti Taylor. Niti comes back to the screen after nearly one year. She was crazily loved as Nandini and now everyone is anxiously waiting to see Niti play her role.

Well another thing that is giving her fans sleepless night is the fact that how will her chemistry strike because MaNan has become a benchmark. In fact maximum of her fans have not been able to watch any other show expecting that level of love story. Now we are excited to see her back and most importantly the new saga of love.

Not just her but even other most loved on-screen characters Param Singh and Vikas Manaktala in such drastic characters. Param as the dedicated, polite, intense and silent professional killer, Rangeela; Niti, not at all like her ‘Nandini Murthy’ picture from Kaisi Ye Yaariaan’ as the sweet, meek and wary Shivani and Vikas as the horrendous, rebel and solid Veer; every last bit of it is a charming treat in itself.

With the show highlighting a very important issue and taboo of the society and set in Behrampur Ghulam is keeping us right in front of our TV screens because of the amazing cast that is associated with it.

Let us know your feelings about the show.

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