“My friendship with Alia is labeled as love” – Sidharth Malhotra

Doing a double role so early in his career has Sidharth Malhotra very excited. The actor who has done both romantic and action films will be seen as the gun totting Rishi and the subdued Gaurav in his upcoming – A Gentleman! Over to the handsome actor

Q) What is particularly exciting to you about A Gentleman?

A Gentleman is a light-hearted romantic comedy and makes for an easy watch. There is only comedy and fun! What will also keep the audience engaged are the twists and turns in the story!

Q) What is your character like in the film?

I play a double role but it is not the regular kind of role. There is a twist and the story changes completely. Gaurav, one of the two characters is a simple officer goer who has small dreams. He likes to cook after he is back from office and imagines himself cooking for his wife when he gets married. Rishi, on the other hand is full of life and loves his gun and action. Both are complete contrasts.

Q) Is the story similar to Judwaa 2 in which Varun Dhawan also has a double role?

I don’t think the film has any similarity to Judwaa 2. It’s the first time I played a double role and thoroughly enjoyed doing it. I got a chance to play different personalities in one film.

Q) In real life do you like to cook?

No, I can’t cook. I can only boil eggs and make toast.

Q) Jacqueline Fernandez who is your leading lady in the film has also worked with you in Brothers. Can you tell us something about her which no one knows?

In Brothers I was not romantically paired opposite Jacqueline like I am in A Gentleman. To answer your question I always ask her how she always has a smile on her face and where she gets her zest from! She is cool and very easy to work with.

Q) You started your career with the romantic Student Of The Year and went on to do action films. What kind of films attracts you?

Yes despite a romantic start I was offered action films. Personally I like to do action films because almost all kinds of romantic films have been made. Though I have done Kapoor & Sons and Ek Villain in which the romantic angle was very different. Today the audience looks for varied content and will do more so in the times to come. Not that I will not be doing romantic films. Aashiqui 3 which has Alia Bhatt opposite me is an intensely romantic one.

Q) What is your rapport with Alia like, as you have worked with her in two films earlier?

Since we did our first film together we are good friends and know each other very well. It is easy to work together and I don’t have to prepare too much when she is my co-star.

Q) There are also talks about your affair with her.

This happens when you work in the film industry. Friendship is labeled as love. We are good friends but the media has added its own bit and converted it into a love story.

Q) You have had so many co-stars, who did you enjoy working with the most?

Akshay Kumar is like an elder brother. Our thinking and lifestyle is similar and also we are both from Delhi and struggled our way up in the industry. He is good fun to work with.

Q) From sharing an apartment with three other boys to purchasing one of your own. How do you look back at your journey?

I am very happy that my hard work has paid off. I didn’t know anything when I started out but learnt something new every day. I will be ever grateful to Karan Johar who gave me the chance to act in Student Of The Year.

Q) Do you feel settled now?

No, I still have a lot to achieve. I also want to venture into direction and start my own production house and make good films. But I will always want to continue acting and do varied roles.

Q) During your struggling days Salman Khan said you will make a good television actor but not a film actor! Were you disappointed then?

Yes, I was discouraged and depressed for a few days. But then I left everything to God and started working very hard. During the promotions of Student Of The Year Salman Khan saw my work and praised me. I was happy I had proved myself.

Q) What are your upcoming films?

Ittefaq is a murder mystery which I am very excited about and then there is Neeraj Pandey’s Aiyaary which is a social drama and of course Aashiqui 3. The coming months are very important for me!

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena