“It feels I am working in a film’ – Sheeba Akashdeep on starring in Haasil

A very successful model back in the 90s, Sheeba Akashdeep who settled for matrimony after doing several films like Miss 420 and Sanam Teri Kasam will be seen as the haughty Kavita Raichand in the upcoming serial Haasil on Sony. The actress on the serial and more

Q) Sheeba, you look too young to be playing a mother to two young men in Haasil!

If you watch television you will note that there is not much difference between the mother and daughter characters. The mother looks as glamorous and wears what the daughter does. Today even 25-year-olds play mothers and I am a mother of two!

Q) You will be seen on the small screen after a long gap. Did you enjoy being on the sets?

I am thrilled to be acting in a full-fledged role after quite a while. And then there are a lot of Bollywood actors in the serial so it feels I am working in a film!

Q) What’s your character like in Haasil?

I am playing Sarika Raichand who is a rich, powerful woman full of attitude. When she enters into a room everyone present gets anxious and stands up with respect. My character has a lot of impact in this thriller and I could not say no when I was offered the role.

Q) How did the role come your way?

Actually, Sapna, the producer of the show is a friend and she felt I was perfect for the role of Kavita Raichand.

Q) Any special prep you had to do for your part?

Yes, I had sittings with the story writer and director to understand my character because there’s no time once we start shooting. Everyone is given a full understanding of their characters and there are also workshops for the same.

Q) Like your character Kavita you are also stylish in real life. Was that one of the reasons you were offered the role?

I wouldn’t know that, but Sapna who is a designer and owns a boutique worked hard to on my look. If I fit into my character perfectly, it’s thanks to her.

Q) Zayed Khan is making his debut with Haasil. How was it working with him?

Zayed is very sweet and ultra professional when it comes to work. He is the first to come on the sets and works with full dedication on every scene. In fact the others used to get a bit embarrassed as we are not dedicated as he is. He even does his homework before coming on the sets.

Q) Vatsal Seth also plays your son in the serial.

Vatsal is fun loving and is always in the mood for some masti! He is a prankster so everyone is very alert when he comes on the sets as no one knows who will be his victim! Shooting is fun when he’s around.

Q) Many film actors opt for television today, what took you so long?

It’s not that I had a problem with television; it’s only that I work when I like the offer. Last year I did Saubhagyalalaxmi in which I had a small role and way back in 2003 I did Karishma- The Miracles Of Destiny.

Q) What were you doing during this time?

After getting married to Akash I wanted to look after my home and children. Then I was also involved with my husband’s production house as HR. But now my sons are grown, one is 17 and the other 14, and it was they who said that I should start working as they know my passion for acting. And then the serial was my friends which made it easier for me to say yes.

Q) Today serials tend to stretch on endlessly. What if Haasil also gets extended.

That will not happen with Haasil because it is a finite serial and will wrap up in six months.

Q) What else are you doing besides Haasil?

I am doing a comedy play Hello Darling with Vindoo Dara Singh and Shaad Randhawa. It’s a love triangle and after a successful run in India we are taking the play abroad. Talks are also on for some films.

Q) You have a great married life. Any tips for youngsters?

It’s true I am very happy with my married life. Akash and I were good friends before marriage and even now we are good friends, which is important for a good married life. Also Akash and I both respect each others family which makes for a solid support system.

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena